Married and Doing Great!!!

"Mrcleen" and I met in the chat room on Dec 21st. We talked and talked for hours for a few days, and then we decided that we were ready to meet. He flew to UT on Christmas Eve and spent the holiday with me and my family. The connection was instant, and we knew that we would share our lives together. We decided after a couple of months that April 10th would be the big day, and we worked hard to get everything done on time. We were in separate states, and had to do all the big stuff during visits. We have been married for a few weeks now, and we are doing great! We met each other, and so many good friends on LDS Mingle, and would suggest it to anyone that is looking for good people in their lives. We were both very sad to delete our accounts, because we do have so many friends. We wish everyone the best, and want to express our thanks for providing a place for us to meet, get to know each other, and fall in love. Thank you!

Tolie and Mrcleen

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