Married Him the Next Day

Hello Minglers!
It was a year on May 8th that my "Bobbie1" and I met in the Mingle (the 50's group) and it has been 10 months since we have been married. It has been wonderful! I met him May 8, 2003, in the LDS Singles Mingle site, we chatted, e-mailed, and talked on the phone for hours. He kept asking me to marry him over and over again in the Mingle and the phone. Finally, I met him in person July 3, 2003 and got married to him the next day July 4, 2003!! He is a wonderful man and priesthood holder. We are so happy to share our lives together and be able to prepare to live eternally as a family. We are getting sealed this summer at the San Diego Temple to our boys! I cannot be happier!! Thanks to the LDS Mingle site we met and we pray for you so that you keep helping others to meet their true love.

illyam54 & Bobbie1

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