It happened so FAST

I can't believe how fast this happened. We started talking in chat. I saw him mention his Air Force career to someone and it caught my eye. My ex-husband was in the Air Force, so I asked him where he'd been stationed. We started talking in chat. Then, he whispered to me that I was cute. I told him I loved it when he whispered in my ear. We checked out each other's profiles and were smitten. Our conversation became exclusive in the chat room and someone mentioned that we were steaming up the place. So, we started a personal chat session and then I gave him my number. He asked me, "have you seen our personality profiles?" I said that I hadn't so I checked. Our colors were in the same order from top to bottom with yellow being the most and red the least and the percentages were only off by a few percentages. It was crazy! He called me and we talked for a long time and found out we knew the same family from our Air Force days. He lives in Illinois and I live in Utah. He's eleven years older than I am. My screen name was "Chessy", and his name was "Linguist". I have three kids who
adore him. I told them when I divorced that they would have a huge input in my decision of whom to marry again. We prayed about Eric and it is just so right. He asked the kids permission to marry me, got the thumbs up and proposed in front of them for FHE. Practically speaking, we are a perfect match. We are both at a place in our lives where we are healthy, happy, and productive. We share a similar background which is so nice. We can share our different experiences without having to explain ourselves. It's amazing how much we have in common. Down to the needs and wants we were searching for in a spouse. We are so much in love with each other. We had no idea we could love another person this much. We feel so blessed. We build each other up and strengthen each other. We feel so strongly that alone each of us could do good things in the church, but, that together the Lord is going to use us for great purposes. It is just so incredible that I could meet this wonderful man on the internet of all places. I honestly didn't think this would happen, and certainly not so soon. Thank you so much for providing such a safe, friendly environment. The Lord truly has his purposes and his timing. So often we hear about the Lord's timing being so slow. Sometimes it is fast! Of course at our age, I guess it has to be! LOL. Thanks again. I checked a lot of LDS singles sites, and yours was definitely the most useful and profitable. I am so happy!


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