I was supposed to be in his life

We did meet on the LDS Mingle site. We communicated via the mingle mail for a few weeks before he asked me for my phone number, then we talked on the phone for about a week before we decided to meet each other. I knew after about two weeks, that I was supposed to be in his life. I wasn't sure at that time to what capacity, but I know now! Mike said he felt the same way.

We are getting married in Salt Lake at the Temple October 30th of this year.

I will say to those folks out there, don't count someone out because of the mileage between you. If it is meant to be, all obstacles can be worked out. I am from Coeur d'Alene Idaho and Mike is from Salt Lake City. We have our logistics problems with work and homes - but it is all coming together. I have my house on the market in Coeur d'Alene and currently looking for employment in Salt Lake City. Anyway, we are very happy and look forward to time and eternity together!
Thank you Mingles for facilitating this union.


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