I met my wife

I am happy to say I met my wife thru this site. We are both from the Las Vegas area. I was a member of the site for about a year and a half as "NVcameraman". I met my wife , screen name "jagjana", in the chat room back in Oct 2003. She had joined the site on pressure from her roommate to try it out. Her roommate had found her husband thru this site also, so my wife decided to try it out. She is a school teacher and was on a track break and decided to get online late one evening. We chatted for a while and passed messages before we decided to meet for our first date. We dated for a while and got engaged the end of April. Due to the fact my National Guard unit was put on alert for mobalization, we accelerated our wedding plans and were married on 15 May 2004 in Las Vegas. If it was not for your site we would have never met. We thank you for bringing us together.


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