I know I found true love

I just wanted to say thank you for having this site. I haven't met any LDS guys that were worth my time until about a month ago. Just as I was about to give up on guys for a few years or so, I met the most wonderful, fun, sweet guy in the entire world. He makes me feel as though nothing else in the world is more important than me, his family, and the gospel. It isn't everyday that you find that. We have the best connection that anyone could ever dream of having. He and his girls are my life and my everything. I could never have asked for a better guy to come into my life than what HF has provided for me.
My heart belongs to a really great guy who would do anything for me and who loves me without a doubt. For the first time in my life I know that I have found my one true love. I know that we have such a great connection and that we will be together from here on out.
This never could have happened if I didn't stay on just one more day. I was about to cancel my membership when he messaged me. I thought, well I guess I could write to maybe get to be friends. Out of everyone who has gotten in touch with me he is the only one who made time for me every day for hours and emailed me several times a day. He is the only one who could hold a good conversation. He is the only one who wasn't into playing games like the other guys that have contacted me.
I know that Heavnely Father has truly blessed me by having this great guy in my life. I owe everything to him and this site. Thank you again for everything!


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