I just don't have the memories

I met my new husband on LDS Mingle! "Lonelyinforesthill" and I hit it off from the start. Our correspondence went quickly from e-mail, to instant messaging, to phone calls; we spent hours a night talking. Since both of us had been married before we decided to go over a long list of pre-maritial questions which I had found online (we both knew that it takes more in common than those butterflies in your heart to make a marriage work :-)
After a couple of months, we knew that there was "something" going on between us and decided that we couldn't wait any longer to meet. So he flew out to meet me. From the second that we met at the airport we both knew that we wanted to be together. We were married 28 days later!
During his visit, he made the comment that I think describes our relationship. He said, "I feel like I've known you my whole life, I just
don't have the memories."
We are living here in Illinois and staying quite busy getting adjusted to being a family, team teaching in Primary, and studying for the Institute class we just began...life is good!!
Thanks for the service that you provide. Without it there would have never been a way for us to meet.


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