Heavenly Father made it possible

Thank you for your congratulations. "Mortarman" and I (lds_aurora) met online of course and have been talking to each other on the phone ever since. We have decided to get married on June 10, 2006. He is going to Iraq this October and we'll be planning on getting married when he gets back and I finish school. It is so amazing how everything works out. We both were not expecting to meet anyone special online and when we spoke to each other the first time, we hit it off. I would definatly recommend for anyone to try Ldsmingle! I am from a small town and he is in the Army, so both of us were not having any luck finding people who we could truly connect with. So, we both decided to go online and check it out, never knowing that either of us would find each other. I am a firm believer that Heavenly Father made it possible, through our new technology, for us to find each other. Now we both have amazing stories to tell our children, grandchildren, and so on! Good Luck to anyone who is trying to find love online! Its another way for Heavenly Father to help our souls find the loves of our lives! As long as the Holy Ghost tells you that what you feel is right, you can do no wrong! It worked for us! Thanks again for making this site!


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