Success Stories: 2004

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It was a magical day

Well, we met at LDSMingle just a couple of months ago. Very quickly, we discovered a LOT of similiar interests and within a few days we were talking on the phone. As our relationship began to grow, I was planning on meeting her in Las Vegas for her birthday in June. But, I mentioned to her that I really wished that she could be at my graduation on the 8th of May. (MA-History).
She called me later that night to tell me that she had tickets for her and the kids to come out and be at my graduation. It was a magical day, not only did I get to graduate but I met my helpmeet. I actually proposed to her on Saturday morning. When Heavenly Father tells you that you have been granted your most sincere wish you can only go with it. That statement is true for both of us.

Thanks for your help


He had a feeling about me

Hey! Well here is my story. Neither of us was really comfortable or sure about the whole online thing. But, he said he just had a feeling about me. He gave me his number after two minutes, something he never does. We then talked on the phone after that. He ended up coming my way for business and we met a week later. Now a few months after that, we're going to be married in October. Thanks so much for helping all the singles find each other that otherwise wouldn't meet, even though we were only 4 and a half hours away!


Drove 590 the next day to see me!

Justin and I met on a Thursday night, and by Friday night, he had driven over 590 miles to meet me. He brought his daughter, Hannah, and we were an instant family. From the first time that we went out for dinner, we just clicked. We got engaged a month after we met, dating only over the phone. We are getting married on July 16, 2004 in the Washington, DC Temple.


Thank you for bringing him into my life

I met my wonderful husband on your website, LDS Singles Mingle. Thank you so much! I first received his smile back in November. We were married on April 28, 2004 and I just want to thank your website for bringing him into my life.


He is a wonderful man

"Branford" sent me a smile for Valentine's Day last year. We began interchanging emails, and suddenly he asked me for my phone number. He was living in California, he called me almost every night. He is a wonderful man, very gentle. He invited me and my only daughter to visit him and his family last March. We met for the first time and he was sincere with me and asked me to marry him in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a wonderful day, June 14th, 2003. I follow my covenants every day of my life and Heavenly Father brought to my life this marvelous man at my older age. Thanks so much to LDS Singles Mingle, to my beautiful daughter, and all my friends to encourage me to do it.


Married wthin the next 30-45 days!

We met online and talked for a couple of months on the phone before we met in person. She is everything I have looked for and says that I am for her. We will probably be married within the next 30 - 45 days. We are trying to get all of our affairs in order, kids and so forth. She works for the church in CA and has given notice and is moving up to Utah right away. Bytheway--the color codes helped.


Married Him the Next Day

Hello Minglers!
It was a year on May 8th that my "Bobbie1" and I met in the Mingle (the 50's group) and it has been 10 months since we have been married. It has been wonderful! I met him May 8, 2003, in the LDS Singles Mingle site, we chatted, e-mailed, and talked on the phone for hours. He kept asking me to marry him over and over again in the Mingle and the phone. Finally, I met him in person July 3, 2003 and got married to him the next day July 4, 2003!! He is a wonderful man and priesthood holder. We are so happy to share our lives together and be able to prepare to live eternally as a family. We are getting sealed this summer at the San Diego Temple to our boys! I cannot be happier!! Thanks to the LDS Mingle site we met and we pray for you so that you keep helping others to meet their true love.

illyam54 & Bobbie1

Heavenly Father Using the Internet

I met my soulmate and soon-to-be eternal companion on this awesome site, LDS Single Mingle.
Back in November, he started sending me smiles and a few mingle mails. For a while, I kind of blew him off. (I was busy, honest!) But he persisted, and we finally met in person on Dec. 27th. We were engaged February 14th and will be sealed in the Detroit Temple September 4th. We live 45 mins apart, in diffrent stakes, so I do not think that we would have met without your site. It's true, Heavenly Father uses whatever means needed for his plan, even the internet!

Aaron & Michelle

No Longer Alone

I have met someone on this wonderful site and we were married on April 2, 2004 in the Las Vegas Temple. We met January 4th on LDS Singles Mingle. We had and have so much in common and had lost our 1st spouses to Cancer. I lived in Oklahoma and he in Arizona. I have now moved to Arizona and we are trying to put our lives together. Between us there are 11 grown children, 29 grandchildren, 3 grandchildren to be born this year, and one great grandbaby boy. It was a very successful meeting. Thank you for the service you provided where really good people can meet and not be alone and help each other get to the next life. Both of us were sealed to our spouses that left us, but we will not be alone for the next part of our lives. Thank you again.

Barbara & Frank

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