Success Stories: 2004

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One Kiss, that is all it took

I did meet him on here. I have talked to several people on here, but there just wasn't that "click" that I was looking for. Then, I saw his profile. He was in the room and that was it for me. We talked on the phone or on here every day for some months and then I had the opportunity to go to see my sister in Las Vegas where he lives. We met at 2 pm and the first kiss was magic. We had joked about getting married when I got there, but after the kiss we decided to do it for real, so we did. I have never been happier. He is the most wonderful man I have ever met. I have never felt so close to anyone in my life. I have loved your site and your chat room. The people there are great. Thanks again.

Sher (Hunter) Matlock

I was supposed to be in his life

We did meet on the LDS Mingle site. We communicated via the mingle mail for a few weeks before he asked me for my phone number, then we talked on the phone for about a week before we decided to meet each other. I knew after about two weeks, that I was supposed to be in his life. I wasn't sure at that time to what capacity, but I know now! Mike said he felt the same way.

We are getting married in Salt Lake at the Temple October 30th of this year.

I will say to those folks out there, don't count someone out because of the mileage between you. If it is meant to be, all obstacles can be worked out. I am from Coeur d'Alene Idaho and Mike is from Salt Lake City. We have our logistics problems with work and homes - but it is all coming together. I have my house on the market in Coeur d'Alene and currently looking for employment in Salt Lake City. Anyway, we are very happy and look forward to time and eternity together!
Thank you Mingles for facilitating this union.


I never dreamt it could be

God truly works in mysterious ways. I had posted on LDS Mingle for some time and, had no luck at all, less luck than I had been having at home. Well, very discouraged one night, I went to pull my profile off LDS mingle, and I had a smile sent to me. I looked at the profile of him, and we had so much in common. So, I e-mailed him to thank him for the smile and give him a few more details about myself. He wrote back, and there it began. As time has gone on, we have learned more and more about each other, and have come to know that our love was formed before this world began and will continue long after these earthy stars have faded to dust. We will share eternity together in great joy, thanks to the mercy of a loving Heavenly Father, and the wonderful people who organized and run LDS Mingle. I love this man with all my heart and all my dreams and hopes have come true in him, and I never dreamt it could be.

That is our story and we will be married June 4, 2005. Thank-you again to everyone at LDS Mingle, it is God's work and wonderful things you are doing there.

Sara Atwood

We just had so much in common

I was born and raised in the Salt Lake area and she, in Mesa, AZ. She & I started talking on LDS Mingle the first week of March. We both had the same thought in the beginning of "why am I wasting my time with another out of stater when I know this will never go anywhere because of the long distance?" A couple weeks or so had passed with chatting online and then we began to talk on the phone. The first thing we both noticed is how many small things we, and our families had in common with each other and that it was so easy to communicate with each other. From that day on, we talked on a daily basis. She already had plans to be here in Utah the week of June 2nd for her cousins wedding, so we were talking about meeting then. As we continued getting to know each other, we grew closer at a pretty rapid pace. She decided she didn't want to wait until June to meet so she booked airfare for the first week of April to come visit me. We were getting to be good friends at that point but neither one of us was expecting anything out of the ordinary; just hanging out for the weekend and then parting our ways to most likely never see each other again like every other person you meet online. The first time we both laid eyes on each other, we were both surprised and cupid caught us both by the seat of our pants. From then on, we've been flying back and forth from Phoenix to Salt Lake to see each other, usually every week, but not more than two weeks in between. When she flew up here on Friday, May 14th she was caught by a rather strange surprise. I work for the state of Utah, outfitting police vehicles with equipment, so I have some connections with several police agencies. I had West Valley Police staged and waiting for me to return from the airport on 5600 West and about 2800 South. I had the officer stop me and pretend to get me for speeding and false ID. He called for a backup to make her even more nervous. The second officer didn't know what was going on, so he showed up to the scene running code (lights & siren). We let him in on it and proceeded to question her while I was standing behind the police car. They led her to believe I was lying to them and had warrants I was trying to hide. They escorted her and I both to the rear of my vehicle where all of this was being recorded on video tape. The officer reaffirmed that he thought I was lying and that there was one way out of this and that I knew what that way was. That was my que and I got on one knee and asked Lindsay to marry me. She didn't know what to think! The officers looked at her and said "We got ya good huh" :) Several people have requested to see the video since then and we've had a lot of fun with it. She and I have come to know a friendship that is so special that we are both so grateful for and thank Heavenly Father for daily. I'll be helping her move from Mesa to Salt Lake the first week of July and we will be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on Wednesday, August 4th 2004. We are both so thankful to God above and for LDS Mingle for bringing us together!


Was just trying it out

I joined the site at the beginning of the year. My aunt told me that I should try it out. I never thought about it seriously. It was just something to do in my spare time. I thought that maybe it could help me to feel comfortable with dating again, someday. I didn't think that I would date anyone that I met over the internet. Then, I met "Robe28". We talked over the internet for about a month, and then we met. He lives two states away from me, and that is difficult, but we have still have seen each other four times in the past three months. We became engaged about two weeks ago, and plan to be married in September. He is everything that I have ever wanted, or needed! And, he is fantastic with my two young children! Thank you for creating this website. I had always believed that internet dating was for people who could not handle real socialization, and even criticized a friend in college for doing it. This site has helped me to see a better side of internet dating. I appreciate everything good that you do for people through this site.


The rest is history

One cool January night in Hawaii, I was chatting with my buddies back home in Idaho, and a strange name popped up on the screen, "Degei". I read his profile and noticed he was from the same town, and that he went to the same University as me. I started a conversation and we chatted for a while, and said maybe we would see each other again online. The next day he was there and he asked if he could call me. I was hesitant and said maybe in a couple of days. Well needless to say those days passed and I gave him my phone number. Then "Degei" tried to persuade me to meet him for a date, after a few phone conversations I complied and met "Degei" in front of the temple. As I approached him, I was on the phone with my Dad (whom by the way was very nervous that I was meeting some strange man) and he urged me not to hang up until I met this mystery man. As I approached I noticed a tall, dark and handsome young man standing under the light post. From that point on it is history. We continued dating and eight months later we are getting married in August.

BeautifulSummer and Degei

Best thing that ever happened to me

We now have been married for one year!! We met here on LDSMingles about a year and a half ago. I live in Louisiana and she lived in Sandy, Utah. We sent each other emails and then she came to visit. After that, it was history. She is the best thing to ever happen to me. We were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on May 30, 2004. Thank you!!!!!


June 10th in the Temple

Thanks again for letting me find my soulmate, my best friend, and my eternal companion through your website, LDS Singles Mingle! We've chosen June 10th this year for our wedding day and it will be in the temple. Thanks again!


Thanks for bringing us together

I just wanted to thank you for bringing me and my wife together. I don't think I would ever have met such a wonderful woman without your lds dating service. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


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