Success Stories: 2004

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92% Match

Thank You LDSMingle!! H2oking and Smend38 met on your site last November with a 97% match, we decided since it was such a high number it was worth a lunch date. We were married June 24, 2004 in Hawaii!! We are very glad there is a site like this one or we are pretty sure we would have never met!!!


Waited all my life for him

I just wanted to tell you of the success I've had from using this website. I met the man of my dreams via ldsmingles, "tsone". We emailed for a brief time before exchanging regular email addresses, and then phone numbers. We chatted constantly and on July 12, 2004 our branch President preformed a simple ceremony. I know I have waited all my life to meet a man such as this, and he says that about me as well. Thank you so much for this website because we would have never found one another any other way.


I wanted to marry her before I met her!

"Princess_fee" and myself were married on 4 June 2004 in the Melbourne Australia Temple. Neither of us were previously married. I saw her profile at LDSMingle. She said that she sang at weddings (in the "additional info" block at the bottom of her profile). That really sparked my interest! We exchanged emails for about 4 weeks. I could tell that she was a well grounded person and I felt everything she told me was true. She opened up and told me that she had MS and that didn't phase me at all. A little later on, I felt that I wanted to speak to her on the phone. When we did speak I became very interested in her; she sounded fantastic! I wanted to marry her before I had even met her :o) While I was pondering where we might live (after we were married) the Spirit whispered to me that I was to go to her. So, at that point I knew that she was my eternal companion. I have not met a nicer person in all my life. And since being converted in 1998, I spent some long years looking for a companion at SA conventions(etc). But, when I bought a PC late in 2003 I was prompted to get onto I am really grateful that you were able to bring us together. My wife is my best friend and it is as though we have been together for a lot longer than just a few months.


Another mingle match!

"Jalapenoman" and I (fiddlesticks) got married back in October 2003. We lived in the same stake and ended up meeting on Mingle. Thanks for your site. We couldn't be happier.


We fell in love

I really am thankful to you for making this website. I met Antony and we fell in love and are planning to get married this year in the temple. I love him so much. He visited my hometown in the Philippines.


I met my wife

I am happy to say I met my wife thru this site. We are both from the Las Vegas area. I was a member of the site for about a year and a half as "NVcameraman". I met my wife , screen name "jagjana", in the chat room back in Oct 2003. She had joined the site on pressure from her roommate to try it out. Her roommate had found her husband thru this site also, so my wife decided to try it out. She is a school teacher and was on a track break and decided to get online late one evening. We chatted for a while and passed messages before we decided to meet for our first date. We dated for a while and got engaged the end of April. Due to the fact my National Guard unit was put on alert for mobalization, we accelerated our wedding plans and were married on 15 May 2004 in Las Vegas. If it was not for your site we would have never met. We thank you for bringing us together.


Thank you SO much!

"Samu" from Norway and "hohenstein" from Germany got married in Germany the 1st of July. We met on the ldsmingle at the 23rd of December. Now we are married and happy, thanks to the LDSmingle. Without the LDSmingle we would never have met.


We met and fell in love

I met my finance on LDS Mingle. We started talking and then we started talking on the phone. We met and fell in love even though we were so far apart and from different countries. We have a really strong love for each other, and we have made it work. We are very happy and in love. Thanks again.


One Kiss, that is all it took

I did meet him on here. I have talked to several people on here, but there just wasn't that "click" that I was looking for. Then, I saw his profile. He was in the room and that was it for me. We talked on the phone or on here every day for some months and then I had the opportunity to go to see my sister in Las Vegas where he lives. We met at 2 pm and the first kiss was magic. We had joked about getting married when I got there, but after the kiss we decided to do it for real, so we did. I have never been happier. He is the most wonderful man I have ever met. I have never felt so close to anyone in my life. I have loved your site and your chat room. The people there are great. Thanks again.

Sher (Hunter) Matlock

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