Success Stories: 2004

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Opposite sides of the planet

My name is Dennis. I'm so glad that this site's here. I live in a place where there are very few LDS women of my age group (and I'm only 23!), so I decided to sign on to LDS Mingle. For over a year, I'd had hit and miss results, but eventually, I found the one. Granted, she was stationed in Korea at the time I met her, but we did get to know each other very well before getting to see each other in person. We got to know each other by emailing and talking on the phone from May to August. Thankfully, the Lord made it possible for her to come down to Texas for a month to visit her family and I was able to make the relatively short trip (3 hours one way) to see her twice a week for the month of August. We met on the 6th of that month and things were picture perfect! She's such a wonderfully beautiful person inside--and I came to find that held true for the outside, too! We felt so comfortable around each other; it was incredible. We were exactly what each other was looking for. A few days later, I seriously asked myself if she was the one. I fasted and prayed (she already knew for weeks) and I got my answer. On the 18th,I proposed to her and she accepted! Our wedding is scheduled for the 23rd of October in Laie, Hawaii. Neither one of us could be happier than we are now. Thank you so much for your services in helping push two people together from opposite sides of the planet. We both feel so blessed! Thank you!

Dennis and Sarah

It happened so FAST

I can't believe how fast this happened. We started talking in chat. I saw him mention his Air Force career to someone and it caught my eye. My ex-husband was in the Air Force, so I asked him where he'd been stationed. We started talking in chat. Then, he whispered to me that I was cute. I told him I loved it when he whispered in my ear. We checked out each other's profiles and were smitten. Our conversation became exclusive in the chat room and someone mentioned that we were steaming up the place. So, we started a personal chat session and then I gave him my number. He asked me, "have you seen our personality profiles?" I said that I hadn't so I checked. Our colors were in the same order from top to bottom with yellow being the most and red the least and the percentages were only off by a few percentages. It was crazy! He called me and we talked for a long time and found out we knew the same family from our Air Force days. He lives in Illinois and I live in Utah. He's eleven years older than I am. My screen name was "Chessy", and his name was "Linguist". I have three kids who
adore him. I told them when I divorced that they would have a huge input in my decision of whom to marry again. We prayed about Eric and it is just so right. He asked the kids permission to marry me, got the thumbs up and proposed in front of them for FHE. Practically speaking, we are a perfect match. We are both at a place in our lives where we are healthy, happy, and productive. We share a similar background which is so nice. We can share our different experiences without having to explain ourselves. It's amazing how much we have in common. Down to the needs and wants we were searching for in a spouse. We are so much in love with each other. We had no idea we could love another person this much. We feel so blessed. We build each other up and strengthen each other. We feel so strongly that alone each of us could do good things in the church, but, that together the Lord is going to use us for great purposes. It is just so incredible that I could meet this wonderful man on the internet of all places. I honestly didn't think this would happen, and certainly not so soon. Thank you so much for providing such a safe, friendly environment. The Lord truly has his purposes and his timing. So often we hear about the Lord's timing being so slow. Sometimes it is fast! Of course at our age, I guess it has to be! LOL. Thanks again. I checked a lot of LDS singles sites, and yours was definitely the most useful and profitable. I am so happy!


A Hawaiian Wedding!

We met on LDS Mingle in May. First, smiles, then Mingle Mail, then just emails, and then phone conversations. I was stationed in Korea serving in the Air Force and he was living in Oklahoma. It was such a wonderful experience to meet on your site. We met when I was home on leave and are engaged to be sealed in the Laie, Hawaii Temple on Oct. 23rd. We will be living in Hawaii, since that is where I will be stationed now. Thank you for having such a great tool to help people meet each other!


Never thought I would meet somone ON LINE!

In June, I signed up for LDSMingle and had the username of "DBackfan". I met my beautiful, soon to be wife, on your site. Her username was "McMorg". We thank you so much for such a wonderful site. Who would have imagined that you could meet someone so special, online? With her living in Salt Lake and me living in Phoenix, you would have never thought. Well, she is moving to Phoenix on September 22 and we are getting married on January 8th. It has simply been wonderful. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful web site. It isn't that often anymore, that you hear of such uplifting sites. Well you have achieved that. Thanks again.

"DBackfan" and" McMorg"

Soulmates for all eternity!

We began "seeing" each other on Mingle in December 2003. She living in Massachussetts (a.k.a. jingles), I living in California (a.k.a. lonelyldsdad). We started off just chatting, seemed pretty harmless, what with the distance between us. With the time difference, she ended staying up until the wee hours of the morning, just to chat. Little did I know that she would be moving West, to Utah. Our chatting went very well, learning all about each other, both spiritually and emotionally. We were like twins! Our color profiles even matched very closely. Both of us had been chatting with other people, but still always came back to our favorite person to chat with, each other. I never figured I would be at the top of her list, but she soon told me I was. That was it, we were meant to be together. We met face to face in July, 2004, and are now getting married in December. Soulmates for all eternity!


Met the love of my life

I met my fiance on LDS Mingle. We first contacted each other back in December. We chatted for a while, then exchanged phone numbers. We decided to meet for lunch sometime in January, but that never took place, he had to canceled and with our busy schedules it was hard to set another apointment. I started dating someone else and he did the same. I broke up with the guy I was seeing and he broke up with the girl he was dating. We started talking on the phone again at the end of May. We had few conversations and at that point He had all my atention. I was very interested in him and his ideas. It seemed like we thought the same way, had the same goals in
life, and were both romantic. To make a long story short. We met in person on June 8th for a basketball game. We have seen each other every day since then.
A month later, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We got engaged at one of my Scouting events on August 13. We are planning a wedding for December 28. Thank you for giving us the platform to meet each other.
It's hard to be out there looking for the right one; it's hard to find the right one among all the crazy people online; but it was worth every penny I spent on LDS Mingle. I did find the love of my life here.

Lily Velasco & Christopher Yuen

Even in CHINA!

Your program has succeeded in me finding the sweetest, kindest, most loving woman I have ever known in my life.

You might be surprised to learn that she was an un-official member of the church in Main Land China. After months of correspondence, first through your program and by email, I was finally convinced that she might be the one woman who could fill the empty place in my heart. Placing a ring into my pocket, I flew to Nanning China and for a few days we walked, talked, and learned even more about each another. We were married by her un-official bishop in her un-official ward house in Nanning, China on July 3, 2003. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I am sure that God put this whole thing together. Because of what has happened, more of her friends are interested in the true Gospel. God never
said that in the last days missionary work had to be done by His official missionary's.

I am so blessed because for just one small moment in time God has allowed my wife and myself to be involved in the great new missionary work about to take place in China.

Our marriage has been so successful that several of the women in her un-official ward want the same happiness as we have found and as you know,
some of these good women are now on LDS Mingle.


The future looks bright


When I see that someone lives where one of my three brothers does, I always drop them a line to see if they have run into them at church. Five weeks ago, I noticed a very attractive blond that fit this bill in Southern California. She had an audio profile. I listened to where she gave her name as Diane. I sent a message asking if she had ever run into my brother. I told her after returning from my mission 32 years ago I dated and almost married a beautiful blond named Diane. She was a model and a beauty queen (No Kidding). Imagine my surprise and shock when I received a message later that evening stating, “You are going to have a definite case of deja vu, this is Diane, the one and only! You have come full circle, welcome back”. I flew across country to California a few weeks ago to see if there were any remaining sparks. Disneyland’s nightly firework show was a hand held sparkler compared to the show we sent into the night sky! The future looks bright and promising for a “Temple Marriage” within the timetable of the Lord. I sure hope he hurry’s. ;-) Yes, I’m not only the “fortunateone” but blessed beyond my capacity to receive it all. I shall be in his debt for this particular blessing throughout all eternity.


wierd how everything just feel into place

I never thought in a million years that I would meet the man of my dreams online. But, it happened, if it wasen't for LDS Mingle I wouldn't have met my best friend that I'm spending eternity with. I'm from Idaho and he's from Texas. We met in Sept. 2003. We chatted for about 3 months, then he flew to met me in person for Thanksgiving. It was so weird how everything just feel into place. I was also able to fly down there to meet his family and spend Christmas with him. Then, in January he moved up to Idaho and proposed that week. We got married in the Idaho Falls Temple in April 2004, and we have been happily married for four months now. Thank you LDS Mingle for the time and effort that you've put into this website. We wish everyone on here the best of luck!


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