Success Stories: 2004

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I may be 56 years old

Hello everyone and thank you. I have found my "Mister Right". I may be 56 years old, but for the first time in my life and for the last, I am very much in L-O-V-E with "bubbajohn60".
John flew up north last month to visit his daughter in Ill. and then drove 3 hours to come meet me and spend the day with me in Iowa. It was a wonderful day. And, we both knew that the day was what Heavenly Father had planned for us. I am here in Orlando visiting with him, his sister, and his nephew (our chaperones)!! I love him very much and today, he told me he would ask me at the right time and in the right place to marry him. We attended the Orlando Temple this past Wed. night and my feelings were confirmed. LOVE is grand and we have been called "teenagers in love" by many people. Thank you so much.


people thought we were insane

I am a little late writing this. My husband and I met on here March 23rd, 2003 and met for the first time on April 11th, 2003. We then got engaged on June 7th, 2003 and married on August 13th 2003. I know, people thought we were insane but this online dating really works. I am not saying go out and rush things I just wanted to say that when you know you know and email is great. This website is great. Thanks everyone! We are doing GREAT!!!


As soon as I opened the door

OK. We emailed for about three weeks, and then we arranged a date for us to meet. It is a two hour drive from Blackfoot, Idaho to Logan,
Utah, but, he came to Logan and we went to the temple for our first date. Then we went to dinner and talked for hours. As soon as I opened the door to my house and we saw each other, there was instant attraction. At the end of our first date, we knew this was for keeps. For the next week we emailed and talked on the phone. The next Saturday he proposed and I accepted. A week later, I applied for a cancellation of sealing from my former husband. It took seven weeks for it to arrive, and it came just hours before we would have had to cancel the wedding and move the date. This whole courtship was only on weekends, because we both had to work in our respective cities. We were married on Sept 3rd in the Logan Temple. We
honeymooned in Portland, Oregon. We are still doing the weekend only marriage, but, we hope it will be over soon. Thank you LDS mingle for bringing us together. We wish everyone the same happiness we have found in each other.


Seven weeks later

Bill and I did met on LDS Mingle. We e-mailed for about three weeks and then we arranged a date for us to meet. It was pretty much instant attraction for both of us. Another week of e-mail and phone calls followed. The following Saturday he proposed and I accepted. Seven weeks later we were married in the Logan LDS temple. You can really get to know a lot about each other via e-mail. LDS mingle allows people with the same values to find each other. Thank you LDS
Mingle. We wish you all the same happiness we have found.
Zurtec and Skikat


What a wonderful world of opportunity

After more than 6 months of emails, video chats, and telephone calls that were placed between a wonderful woman and I on a daily basis; I traveled to Peru from Idaho to meet and marry the woman who now is my love and my life. We met through this service,, without it we would not have had the opportunity to know each other. What a wonderful world of opportunity has been opened through our current day communications that we now have available. Thanks for providing a place to meet others with like goals and hearts.


9 days later we were married!

My new husband and I wanted to post our success story on here. We met online at the begining of June, we talked everyday and I knew instantly he was the man I wanted to spend my life with. He came over here from Australia in July and 9 days later we got married. We have been married now for 3 months and couldn't be happier. We both want to thank you for your site.

Dessa & Domhnall

I just don't have the memories

I met my new husband on LDS Mingle! "Lonelyinforesthill" and I hit it off from the start. Our correspondence went quickly from e-mail, to instant messaging, to phone calls; we spent hours a night talking. Since both of us had been married before we decided to go over a long list of pre-maritial questions which I had found online (we both knew that it takes more in common than those butterflies in your heart to make a marriage work :-)
After a couple of months, we knew that there was "something" going on between us and decided that we couldn't wait any longer to meet. So he flew out to meet me. From the second that we met at the airport we both knew that we wanted to be together. We were married 28 days later!
During his visit, he made the comment that I think describes our relationship. He said, "I feel like I've known you my whole life, I just
don't have the memories."
We are living here in Illinois and staying quite busy getting adjusted to being a family, team teaching in Primary, and studying for the Institute class we just is good!!
Thanks for the service that you provide. Without it there would have never been a way for us to meet.


One date, One perfect match

I'm getting married! I've been happily single for a long time (I just turned 29), but this past summer I started to have the feeling that I was in the mood for a date, boyfriend, etc. So, my good old dad signed me up for a month at LDS Mingle, and away I went. It was harder than I thought, I couldn't seem to meet anyone I was interested in, who was also interested in me. But, just as I was starting to think about abandoning the whole thing, I finally met a guy I thought I'd like to go out with. We started dating, spending lots of time together, and went on a trip together over Labor Day weekend (my birthday). After spending three solid days together and not geting sick of each other, we knew for sure we were on to something. Long story short, we got engaged last night after knowing each other for two months! We're getting married next spring. So, I got exactly one date out of this whole thing, and it turned out to be my perfect match. Thank you so much for the service you provide, I will always be grateful. And I'll have a great story about how I met my husband.


New little family of four

Thanks so much LDS Mingle. We met online, talked for about two weeks, then decided to meet. We were married three months later in June of 2004. We are so happy with our new little family of four.


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