Success Stories: 2004

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So much for 'never getting married again'.

Yes, we met through the LDS Mingle site. I've been a member for quite a long time, but wasn't very active about checking out profiles. Over the years, as I would get emails from other members of the site, I would almost immediately tell them that I wasn't interested in getting married again. I guess that was my way of protecting myself from being hurt later on when things didn't work out. My oldest son challenged me one day to write to five men per week. Well, I checked out the profiles and wrote to a few, but my heart just wasn't in it. I decided to leave it all up to the Lord. I wasn't going to freak out or take it the wrong way if I never heard back. I was just going to be neutral and not expect anything.

When I saw his profile, I loved his picture. But after reading his profile I knew I had to write to him. He just seemed so open and honest. We started emailing just before Thanksgiving last year. The phone calls started a week or so later - and yes.. I told him I didn't want to get married. He told me that he was looking for a wife. However, we did keep talking and emailing daily. The first meeting in person happened on Valentine's Day weekend. He was just precious - very funny and fun to be with. We hit it off very well and when he left he told me he would see me in June. He had already planned a kayak trip in the area for that time. I lived in NC and he in Indiana.

Instead of waiting until June, he came back in March and we planned for me to visit him in April. After his trip back home in March, he told me that he wanted to see me in April, but that would have to be the end of it. He was afraid he would fall in love with me and then what? By that time, I was already falling for him and didn't want to stop seeing him. So, I told him that was unacceptable. That if we were meant to be together, then things would work out. I guess I was finally open to the possibilities.

We saw each other as often as possible, did fall in love, and he proposed in May. We were married in the Columbia, SC temple on October 21, 2004 and now live in Indiana together. So much for 'never getting married again'.

Thanks for everything!


It was an answer to our prayers.

Yes, we met on LDSMingle and exchanged email for about 6 weeks. I flew to Quito, Ecuador to meet her in person. Someone encouraged her to put her picture up. After seeing her picture, I sent her a message and it really was love at first site. We are so compatible and happy it's unreal. The picture started it all off. I went on a mission to Venezuela and my wife passed away 2 years ago. We are so excited and happy I can't tell you how much. It was an answer to prayers. I was "DNBWatson". She is a sweet and wonderful person with a strong testimony. We will be sealed in the Temple as soon as I can get the Fiance Visa. Any more questions, please be sure and ask.



I'd never given a guy a 2nd chance to break my heart but...

He was window shopping for quite some time. So, I emailed him my phone # and about a month later he finally used it. We dated from June of 2003 until Jan of 2004. We had a break. Then, in May, he asked for a 2nd chance. I'd never given a guy a 2nd chance to break my heart, but I really liked him and we discussed what needed to change. Primarily it was communication. We dated again. Then, we got engaged Labor day weekend and were sealed in the SLC Temple 10/28/2004. It's amazing. We're in love and both feel as though we're living a fairy tale. We met initially because of the site, and well the rest is history. Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU!! Good luck to all the singles out there

Jacky & Tom

True love DOES exist

We just got married on November 10, 2004. We feel we owe you a HUGE thank you because without you we would have never met. He lives in Arizona and I lived in California. There was no way we could have found each other if it wasn't for LDS MINGLES. I knew the moment I saw his picture that there was something special and different about him. He felt the same way after he recieved my mingle letter. We are true soulmates. We match in every way and we are so happy together. Our color code charts are so alike! We are strong "blues"--sensitive and desiring of the deep relationship we have found. We both wanted someone with the same spiritual strength and goals. We now look foward to serving a mission together. We have truly been blessed We know our Father in Heaven has brought us together for a wonderful purpose.
To all those who want to give up because of past relationships that have failed on here--we say DON'T GIVE UP! We both dated people on here and had disappointments, but we knew that we couldn't give up trying. True love DOES exist, don't settle for less! Good luck to all of you. We are forever together.

spanishsaphire & Danr

it was the best decision I ever made to join your site.

I joined your site on a fluke and did not really think anything would come of it. After a difficult experience with another member on your site, I was a little reluctant, but he supported me and gave me the time I needed to come around. We first met in person in early October
and from the first date we hit it off and knew there was something there. He traveled from Virginia to see me for a few weekends and we continued to talk online and on the phone. One thing led to another and we knew through prayer that we were meant to be. Now, we cannot imagine our days without each other and are planning an April wedding. He has since relocated to where I live and secured and job and place to stay in the area. Thank You!


it was not for your sight I would not have had this baby!

I wanted to drop you all a note and say thanks. In 2002/2003 I was using ldsmingles to meet women.
In May of 2003, I meet "Juliebee" from this site. We were married in July 2003 and been married 16 months. On Easter Sunday 2004, Baby Aimee was born and if it was not for your site, I would not have met "Juliebee" and would not have had this baby.



We fell in love via the internet

We just want to say Thank You to LDS Mingle for bringing us together. "Oupa" and I chatted for a few days, then talked on the phone. We fell in love via the internet, which is really hard to believe. Well, Heavenly Father has a solemate for us all, we just need to keep searching. "Oupa" drove in on a Sunday, from Mississippi and we were married the following Tuesday. We are going strong and love is great. We want to thank all of you that chatted with us and got to be friends with. Just remember that love is out there and the Lord will bless you if you hold to the rod. Take care and May God be with you until we meet again, "Yankeefan" and "Oupa"


just want to say thank you

I would like to thank LDSMingle for everything they are doing to bring single people together. I met the love of my life on here, "PatrickAdams", back in June, and we met in person in Sept. And that was it. We both knew we were for each other. He lives in Stirling, Alberta, Canada and I live in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. There are many miles between us, but our love is strong. We are getting sealed in the Toronto Temple at the end of January of 2005. So I just want to say thank you.


still in the clouds and walking on air

Thanks you LDS Mingle!!!!! I have been mingling since February 2004. I have met many wonderful LDS gentlemen. August 2004, I went out with another valiant LDS man from Mingle. Wow. He swept me off my feet and I am still in the clouds and walking on air. I now have another beautiful daughter to add to my four others, wonderful in-laws, and a knight in shining armor. We have been married for three weeks. My daughters put it this way--Life has been getting better and better since Mum met Eric. My girls love him. Am I blessed or what?!


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