Success Stories: 2004

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Today, Amy & I are as happy as ever!

Amy and I got married last year on August 16th in the Portland, Oregon temple. We started corresponding through LDSMingle earlier the same year, in April. We found that because our communication in emails was so good, we wrote long emails every day to each other. Soon we were writing 5 times a day! Then we moved to chat, and then phone calls. It was meaningful to us. Every time we moved on to a new "level" like this, we found ourselves being very comfortable with each other and talking for hours.

A dilemma was delevoping with our progressing trust of each other, because I was living in Denmark, in Copenhagen, and Amy was living in Boston. It of course opened a lot of questions for us with regard to meeting and the possibility of taking it further, if things went well. It was a big decision on my part, because I, being a student in the pursuit of an engineering degree, would not be able to make frequent journeys over the Atlantic, and neither would she. We decided to meet at the end of June, me visiting her in Boston.

We met and sparks flew, what can I say? It was wonderful to see her in person, and we were having a great time continuing our dating in person. We found that there were few surprises for us, both in regard to how we would feel in the other person's company. We attribute this to the honest and thorough correspondance we had had already, and we felt like we had build up a spiritual and intellectual bond before the physical bond. The emails made it possible for us to get to know a lot of facts about each other. Reflecting on these and comparing them with the earlier relationships we have had individually, we both had a very keen sense of what kind of a person would make us happy to spend a lifetime and eternity with and who would not. We decided to get married after having spent less than a week together in person.

I prolonged my ticket to spend the Summer with her in Boston while her family in Portland arranged the weddding and reception and sent out invitations. The wedding took place, as I mentioned, on the 16th of August in the temple there. I was blessed to have most of my close family come on such short notice!

So where did we decide to live? As I had not yet finished my education, she came to live with me. We are currently living in Denmark. Amy is still waiting for her residential permission, as this is quite a tough process here.

Tonight we celebrate our 6 month anniversary. It is crazy to think back on the way this miracle has occured in my life. It has been so swift, but efficient. Throughout it all, we felt the Spirit guiding us and confirming, pushing us forward. I know without a doubt that it all would never had been possible without the Lord's blessing. Today, Amy and I are as happy as ever.

Thank you Sara and to your associates at LDS Singles Mingles for being a tool in the Lord's hand to truly carry out his work in our lives.

Andreas & Amydeth

Things can happen in the most unexpected ways!

Your LDS Single Mingles site had a round about effect on my "soon to be" marriage. My fiance emailed me, but I did not respond (hadn't been to the site for quite a while.) Instead, he went out with one of my good friends. They became
friends realizing that they would probably be nothing more than that. She talked him into going to a dance that we were all going to, so she could introduce him to some of her friends. We were standing in a circle visiting after the introductions had been made, when I laughed and smiled. He stopped, looked straight at me and said "I know you". I asked how. He grabbed me by the hand, took me out on the dance floor, and told me how he had found me on ldsmingles. How he had emailed me, but that I had never responded, and how excited he was to finally meet me. He really liked my profile and picture. I of course had to go home that night, look him up and read his message, I really liked what I saw. I then responded - a month after he sent his message to me. We have been seeing each other ever since and are now getting married. I guess this just shows how things can happen in most unexpected ways. Thanks so much for your wonderful dating website and the good it often does. I am incredibly happy and most hopeful.


We hit it off and got married!

Well, we were both on LDS Mingle. My wife, "browneyes01" and I are in the same ward, but never met each other. We had heard of each other. I was the single guy with four kids (aged 9-13), and she was the 28 year old widow (no kids...yet) in the ward. Well, let's just say that is not what each other was looking for. But, after we met, (at a single adult dance, no less. She crashed it with another woman from our ward). We hit it off and got married! The whole story is at The great thing about your online dating site was the opportunity to meet others, both locally and around the country. I met so many people on there, as I travel for work. Just as an aside, my coworkers in other parts of the country thought it was odd that I had dates the first night that I was in town, and thought I was quite a swinger. But, all the sisters I met were very sweet, but it just didn't work out.

The growth and experience that I had dating have made me appreciate "browneyes01" more, as I know that she is the one for me.

I guess the moral of the story is: Don't ever shut people out because of prejudices (we both had them).

If you would like more, please e-mail me back, and I will give you more information. The web site has pretty much everything on it. Pictures too!


jdinpdx & browneyes01

We will be married February 24th


We both met on this LDS Mingle website in late spring 2003. Neither of us wanted a relationship, but simply sought a friendship. Our first "date" almost never happened at all becuase we didn't want a relationship beyond friendship. However, by the humble Spirit of the Lord we will be married February 24th. Thank you Mingle dating service.

Pscrivy is wonderful!

Yes, I did meet my future husband through ldsmingle. His name was "Carlmagnus". We met for the first time online in December '03 and we just hit it off right away. We really wanted to see each other, so I bought an airline ticket from Boise to Spokane. It was amazing! When I first saw him, I knew instantly that he was the one! I was only supposed to stay with him for 6 days but because of the bad weather my flight was canceled I got to stay an extra 6 six days, which were very magical. I got to meet his family/friends and they loved me! On February 13th, we are going to fly up to Seattle so that he can meet my parents and that is when he is going to give me a ring. We have planned our wedding to be July 9th, the day after my 19th birthday! I have school to finish and it just works out for our family and friends to have it at that time. I am so happy and so excited! is wonderful!

Kalena & Carlmangus

We're off to a great start!

Yes, we were both on the LDS Singles Mingle site, but for months he ignored my smiles and emails, though we did chat a bit in the chat room--it wasn't until we actually met at a singles dance in late August '03 (he had been stood up by someone else he was supposed to be meeting there!) and we had a mutual friend that got us talking, he found out that I was actually a pretty cool girl *wink*

If there is one thing I would stress it's that face to face contact and dating really does make a difference, online dating is great--but reality IS reality!! Try and remind the rest of the minglers of that fact, it is important.

Anyway, long story short, we were engaged the day before Thanksgiving (one knee, tears and all) and married on New Years Day '04--why wait with all the family in town for the holidays! With 7 kids between the two of us we have a full house every-other weekend and with the things we learned through our respective divorces and single life we are off to a GREAT start!!

Thank you so much for allowing me a place to make friends (of both genders) to help get me through single life for a few years!

Bratsche & Shadowphantom

It all started with a smile!

I first came into contact with my boyfriend Scapepilot several months ago after he sent me a smile. I was still fresh from a divorce and sent off a reply that I wasn't yet ready to talk to the opposite sex. Boy, was I an idiot. Then, I ran into him in person at his job and recognized him from his picture. We began talking, then we began dating, and now here we are, so serious. We have deleted our profiles and are committing ourselves solely to one another. LDS Singles Mingle is fun with so many interesting people to get to know from all over the place. This online dating service is a great way to meet friends and there is a great support system, but most importantly, you could meet the love of your life here. And to think, it all started with a smile.

Cindy 1998 & Scapepilot

I opened my heart and was richly rewarded

Dan & Carol are soon to be engaged...

The opportunity to meet arrived...We found each other!

I have found, Carol, an active church member that is interested in becoming part of a choice family, that is interested in health, physical fitness,
service, affection, learning new things, some travel, and enjoys being with people as well as time alone with someone special. I also appreciate gaining new friends. I will soon be closing this account but have enjoyed meeting a number of
special people through LDS Singles Mingle, including the one I now plan to marry. May you also find success in your special search.

I opened my heart and was richly rewarded. I've found my eternal companion. Thank you to each of
the kind brethren who've sent a smile my way, who've expressed caring and interest in my quirky personality and wish to find a new love. He has filled that place with his caring, tender heart. God be with you and bless you all.

Dan & Carol

I don't know how we would have met

I joined your dating website just to have fun and sharpen my flirting skills. I sent my profile to zombre and he emailed me back his interest. We chatted on line, the talked on the phone and two months after we first started chatting on-line we met in person. it was a wonderful 12 hour date. There wasn't a facade , and we felt comfortable to be ourselves without any judgement from one another. We were just friends. We visited each other every other weekend and talked a lot on the phone. We lived 6 driving hours apart. It was hard being so far apart. 2 months after our first date, we were engaged. Then, 6 weeks later, we married in the Salt Lake Temple. Thank you for this singles dating website. I don't know how we would have met if it weren't for you. The Lord is good.
Sarahlinagirl and Zombre (sarah and william gaskill)

Sarahlinagirl & Zombre

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