Success Stories: 2004

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Found My Wife!

I had a great time, made many new friends, and found my present wife! We were happily married in February. We both want to say thanks for your great website. This is a great way to meet other singles in our church!


Stacks of emails to each other

Things are going wonderfully with a gal I met here on the LDSMingle over 3 months ago. Thank you so much for the service you have provided us both. We'll always look back with fond memories on the stacks of emails we sent each other in the time we were on the mingle. We've printed and saved most every message in a big binder, almost like a journal. No marriage date set yet, but it is going to happen, in due time, we're both sure of that. Thanks again for everything LDS Singles Mingle!


Bridged 3,000 mile distance

I am pleased to let you know that I have found an incredible man, an eternal companion and best friend through your web site. I cannot imagine that we could have met any other way as he lives in California, and I, in North Carolina. We are combining a family to add up to 14 children and 20 + 2 coming grandchildren. He is "JRLAKE" on your site, I am "MIMIWYATT". Gratefully, we no longer have need for your service. Our thanks and appreciation to you, and for our children and friends who pushed us both out of the nest. Without their insistance and the LDSMingle, we would have had difficulty bridging the 3,000 mile distance. We both have met some pretty terrific people through your agency, and wish them all the best in finding their blessings.
Thanks to you!


Thank you for the greatest gift

We continue to be amazed at such happy results. We both went online to satisfy our children's and friend's concerns, believing that it would serve as a way of distancing ourselves from having to actually meet anyone. We really never thought that we would find anyone and "Poof" here we are--incredibly happy, incredibly compatible, and most grateful to have found each other. The only drawback is the wish we had met years ago. Yet, with what we've both experienced, we now cherish what has been given us. We plan our sealing to take place in the Nauvoo Temple.
Our thanks-

I wish to thank you for the greatest gift of my life. Finding Karen has been such a blessing. What a wonderful time we live in. Three thousand miles apart and we were introduced and have now married. On July 6th Karen became my wife. What we have joined together are two adults who have so much in common that it is almost frightening, if it were not so wonderful. Because of the "Mingle," before we actually met, we knew all about each other. Our views on the Gospel, politics, social issues. We discussed it all and what came from this was a union of profound blessings and wonderment. When we did meet it seemed as though we had known each other for all eternity. We were not only friends but our hearts were literally entwined and we were in love. What a wonderful blessing has come to us as a result of technology and your creative organization. I do not know if others have experienced what we have. I know that Karen and I were both hesitant to go on the "Mingle." My daughters pushed me to do so and I am eternally thankful for them and your program. It has worked! Youngsters have nothing over those of us in our mid life years. Love is wonderful and marriage to my Karen is even more so! I thank the Lord and you so very much!

James and Karen

Changed our lives for the better!

My name was "redshoes" on your site and I just thought I would let you know that "calmon30263" and I got married on May 18th. We never would have met without your site. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful service, LDS Singles Mingle! It has truly changed both of our lives for the better! We were married 11 months after we first started chatting and 6 months after we met face-to-face!! Thanks again!

Red shoes

I knew he was something special when he...

I've attached a picture of "uncletomtom" and myself, "ynnep". We started writing to each other via LDS Singles Mingle. Our first e-mail was on June 10th, and Tom asked me to marry him at the Timpanogas Temple on Dec 31st. After sending each other a smile, we wrote for a week or so and then progressed to phone calls. When we decided we really wanted to meet each other, he was very impressed when I asked for a personal reference in the form of his Bishop. I was a little worried that he might be offended, but he told me that he was very proud of me for not taking chances, with my personal safety. I knew he was something special when he brought me a book as a gift to our first date, this man knows how to get to me! I don't think we could've understood just how much we have in common, without the essays available on LDS Mingle. Just looking at pictures of people doesn't really tell you anything, the essays are the biggest reason I smiled at Tom in the first place, it's what made us interested in each other enough to begin talking to each other. Once we started talking, we found out how much we think alike. Once we met, we didn't even want to date anyone else. Our first "in-person" date didn't feel like a first date at all because we had gotten to know each other so well in our e-mails and phone conversations. We have the date set for May 7th. Thanks so much for providing your dating service, it is having eternal consequences for us.

Thanks again!

Ynep & Uncletomtom

Ikenna wrote me all the way from Nigeria

Dear LDS Mingle:

Ikenna and I met on LDS Singles Mingle October 22, 2002. I am an American and "Ikenna" wrote to me all the way from Nigeria. We fell in love immediately and knew the Lord wanted us to be married. Unfortunately, we had alot of problems with US Immigration, but we finally made it through. "Ikenna" arrived in America February 8th and we were sealed in the Orlando Florida Temple on February 13, 2004. Thank you so much for this wonderful dating site! We would've never met without it.


Everything I dreamed of

I just had to let you know that the guy I met on your site asked my parents for my hand in marriage last night. They were both in tears as they welcomed him to the family. My mom has suffered strokes, heart attacks, and cancer and she told him that she had just prayed to live long enough to see me happy. He told her not to stop trying because he planned on making me happier with each day. He wants to take me to my favorite romantic city (St. Augustine, which is about 45 minutes south of here) to actually slip the ring on my finger, in the meantime I am wearing his CTR ring!

He is everything I've ever dreamed of but didn't really believe could exist. We are so very in love. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you've done!

By the way, the wedding is on March 6th!


We found out how much we had in common on the web

"Vvs2d" sent a hello after seeing my profile on LDS Mingle and was impressed by the smile I had. We sent mail back and forth and did Instant Messaging, we enjoyed getting to know each other this way, but needed to meet. Through our web communication we found out how much we had in common. There was a restraunt nearby that was both of our favorites. I was glad our proximity was not far and I invited him to a dance at an adjacent Stake. He told me what he was going to wear and that he was very nervous and didn't like dances, but was willing to come anyway. I assured him he would have a good time because I was coming with my friend who is as nice as me and between the both of us a good time was guaranteed. I saw him at the doorway, wow! I introduced myself and gave him a hug hello. We hit it off right off from the start. I introduced him to my fiend (who usually dances more often than me) "vvs2d" did not take a second look and we continued our "getting to know you" time. We have felt such a connection from that time forth that he proposed to me 13 days later in the Celestial room. We plan to be sealed in the Seattle temple very soon.

"arrow3m" and "vvs2d"

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