Success Stories: 2004

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Three Years Happily Married!

Three Years Happily Married!
Dana and I met in Septmeber 1999, by June 2000 we were married. Now, nearly three years later, we are far happier than when we first met and we thought we were in love then. We are an example of how valuable and good this site can be.
After we met, we went through the usual problem of hearing how such a way of meeting just couldn't lead to a relationship that could last. How wrong they all were. Not only are we still married but a life apart is no longer an option.
Our story is typical of those who meet here. We started out writing but quickly started phoning nearly everynight. Our phone bills went through the roof, but we didn't care.
After 3 1/2 months of writing I finally went to Kansas (from Washington State) to meet Dana. Our families were far more worried about how things would go than we were. We had already spent so much time getting to know each other that we saw our meeting in person as a formality.
The only time I thought maybe I'd done something terribly worng was when I had to wait at the airport for 1/2 hour for Dana who was very late. I figured she'd gotten cold feet and was thinking about my trip back to Washington State. But, she showed (turns out she was lost in the parking lot) - we kissed - and during the next week we were inseperable. That's right, our first in-person date lasted 1 week and I had to travel 1800 miles just to get there. Talk about a leap of faith.
It took some time for those around us to accept that this would be a permanent union. But, as we knew already, we have truly found our soulmate and life has taken on an entirely new meaning.
Good luck to the rest of you looking for that special someone. Take it from us, it can be done online and your life can be all you want it to be. As for some advice (if you're interested in any) go in to a relationship not expecting perfection or with a chip on your shoulder. I'm one of the lucky people who had met someone who is understanding and patient. But, had I to do it again I'd try harder not to let the injustices of the past to interfer with future haopiness. It's just not worth it. Good luck.

Mike and Dana Sear

I have never loved anyone like I love him

Dear Sara,

I would like to share my story. August 26th, 2003, I was in a chat room and met "big_country" We hit it off really nice, after a few weeks I was really close to his family as well as him. Since I was from Norway and he is from the US it was hard, but he came to visit me in Norway and I just knew!!! He is my eternal partner. I have never loved anyone like I love him and I am so grateful to have the Lord's help. Saturday we were in the Houston Temple for the first time together. WE LOVED IT! Yes, I have moved from Norway to Texas and we are getting married. Thank you for this site!!!!
And everybody out there don't give up! And don't let anyone make you feel less of a person because you find a loved one online. It works!


I come from Australia and she lives in Texas

I met the woman that I am going to share forever with. "Mandatee" and I are getting married in the temple on February 14th for time and all eternity. I come from Australia and she lives in Texas. Thank you so much LDSMINGLE for bringing us together even though we were so far apart.


Check out our family web-page!


I just wanted to send in our success story. I met my husband through and we were married on Feb. 1st, 2003. His username was "jimbob323", and mine was "evabeany". We are extremely happy, and you can check out our family web-page with pictures at the following address:

Thank you again! Your service is wonderful!!

Evelyn & Jim Sheehan

This dating site does pay off in the end

Just wanted to say a big thank you to LDS Singles Mingle. I found my eternal companion on LDSMingle. November 14, 2003 "teedogg" and "lighthearted" were engaged. We were married March 20, 2004 for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. Now we are looking forward to starting our eternal family together. Given enough patience, this dating site does pay off in the end. Once again, thank you LDS Mingle.

Lighthearted & Teedogg

We would have never crossed paths without your help

Thanks to your dating site, I have found the man of my dreams and we are getting married May 1, 2004. I was only online with the site for 2 days when we first met. 5 days later, we moved to the phone and it has been magic ever since! This all started on New Year's Day 2004.

Thank you again for providing the forum for LDS single people to meet who otherwise would not. I live in Alaska and he is in Utah and we would have never crossed without the help of your site.

Bless you for your work on this!


I might not have ever met him

I did find my match through LDS Singles Mingle. Thank you so much. We met not long after we started talking online and became really good friends, and then one day we both realized that we had fallen in love, and now here we are. But what's funny is the guy that I'm about to marry had just gotten back on the site and wasn't really looking for anything, it was only because someone there at LDSMingle had offered him a month of free full membership. So, if y'all hadn't offered that to him then I might not have ever met him. We don't have any pictures yet but hopefully we will take our engagement pictures soon and I'll send you a copy.


It could not have happened without your dating site!

Yes, I met my future husband through LDS Singles Mingle. We are getting married June 4th of this year. We began with a long distance relationship as we live in different states. Then, he traveled here as much as he could and we just hit things off right away. He proposed on one knee in the middle of the Las Vegas airport with lots of people around. We are extremely happy and can't wait to begin our lives together. It would not have happened without your dating site. Any other questions feel free and ask. My fiance's username was "Andy8943". Thanks again!

Bballgirl & Andy8943

Choose the Right

"Wyt-Knyt2" and "Spunky" married February 9th,2002. We would like very much to thank the Church and all of the people that made this possible from the bottom of our hearts! God bless you all and Choose the Right.

Wyt-Knyt2 and Spunky

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