Success Stories: 2004

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Lifetime Membership No Longer Needed

"Ward" and I got married on the 4/4/04. We met on your site in October 2003 while I was visiting in Salt Lake. He was there too. We live in New Zealand. I love him very much and am grateful for your site. Thanks!

Stella and Ward

We would have never met

My husband and I met on your site over 4 years ago. We were married in the Los Angeles Temple on October 14, 2000. We are expecting our second baby in July. Thank you for your dating service, LDS Singles Mingle. He lived in Logan, Utah and I live in California. We would have never met had it not been for you site.

Edwin and Tennille Philips

First Comes Love, then Comes Marriage a Month Later

"Desert-Fox" and "Travelingal" met online in December 2003. My car was totalled in Dec, and I remember asking for his advice about a different car. He responded. We chatted a little and sent mingle mail to each other. I insisted we meet soon so I could look him in the eyes (I didn't want to go through a meeting I had previously experienced that did not turn out so pleasant). That way, I would know if he looked like his profile. His written profile was great, the kind of man I had hopes of meeting. We agreed on a meeting date but it fell through.
Finally on February 21, 2004, our meeting took place at my son's home in Mesa, Arizona. Bob had to drive two hours to get there. When he arrived, I was babysitting my son's five children and had food in my hair and on my shirt from dealing with the baby. He joined right in and played games with the three girls. Soon, the 4th child, was bringing him books to read. We each liked how the other looked and acted. When my son and daughter-in-law returned home from their volunteer work, we went through a Mesa Temple session. Then out to dinner.
My son and daughter-in-law liked him well enough to invite him to stay the night on their downstairs sofa. He did. We looked at cars Sunday morning (our second date) and then went to church with my son and his family. After dinner, we went for a walk. He put his arm around me and it felt so right. I put my arm around him and we both knew. He kept delaying his departure. Finally he had to go. We shared a goodbye kiss. He told me he wanted to take me home with him. I wished that I could. I asked him to call me when he got home so I wouldn't worry.
It was Friday, March 5, 2004 that Bob came to Texas and brought an engagement ring for me. I accepted. We all went to my home to the lake on Saturday. On Sunday we went to the Athens, TX ward and he was greeted by my Bishop and my friends. Bob had to return back to Arizona Sunday night.
On March 16, my 17 year old grandson,Kason, and I went out to visit Bob in Arizona. On Friday all three of us left to fly back to Texas.
Because of my divorce from my first husband, he and I could be married for only "time" in the temple. So, that day we decided we would run away to Las Vegas and be married. We married on Monday March 22, 2004.
The temple session as the first date was a major part of the attraction, as was going to church with my family. These two things were so reassuring to each of us that the other was who they were represented to be.
To sum it up, it was hope that the profiles were on target; "like" on first sight; love on the third date; engagement two weeks later; marriage a month after we met.
I also learned that his son met his wife through your dating service LDS Mingles also. Thanks for having a clean mingles site.

Mary Neff Pankratz

The rest is GREAT history

Hello! My husband and I met on LDS Single Mingle. I sent him a flirt on 6/27/03 and he responded. We chatted online on 7/2/03 and started talking on the phone on 7/3/03. We met for our 1st date at the Chicago Temple on 7/9/03-and the rest is GREAT history. We married in the Chicago Temple on 10/11/03 and I moved to Fort Wayne,IN from WI. We are a great match! We have purchased a home here in Fort Wayne and have worked hard to combine our 2 families (visiting with our 8 kids & 2 granddaughters) as often as possible. Life is good!!! Thanks for making it easy to meet the RIGHT person-with the same goals in life!

Brenda & Terry Prange

Hang on! Your special someone is out there!

I actively signed up on your site 2 days before the end of the year 2003. On New Year's Day 2004 we emailed for the first time. 5 days later it progressed to a 3 hour phone call! And, we talked every day for a minimum of 3 hours on the phone and as long 8 hours. With all those long hours on the phone we got to know each other very well. We knew we were in love before we ever met face to face, but actually never said it to each other. Mid January he planned a trip to come for a visit (from Utah to Alaska) to see if this was really going anywhere. He arrived on Jan 29 and stayed 4 weeks. After he was here 4 days, and after speaking with my Bishop, he asked me to marry him, and I said yes! We had a wonderful month together, learning about each other and working through some situations. He has returned home and is now packing to move to Alaska. We will be married on May 1st. This relationship would have never happened without your site LDS Single Mingle. I also used to live in Utah about 30 miles from where he is, but we did not meet then. I know this relationship was inspired and guided by Heaven. I never knew it was possible to be so happy, to be so much in love, and so perfectly matched with someone. Everyone on this site needs to hang on because that promised someone for you is out there!

Thanks again for providing the avenue for this love to have found the way to each other.


One Large Mormon Family

The story of "Seva" and "Tillerbygg"

On March 17th, 2004 we married in the Stockholm Sweden Temple after meeting on LDSMingle.

Both of us became single during 2003, and felt the need of finding a new spouse. She joined LDSMingle in December 2003 while he joined on the 25th
of January 2004.

When "Tillerbygg" joined LDSMingle "Seva" received a message that there was a 100% match that had joined the site. A 100% match is not rare, but a 100% match from Scandinavia does not pop up very often. Both of us are Scandinavian and the "market" here is a lot smaller than in the US. "Seva" comes from Gothenburg, Sweden and "Tillerbygg" comes from Trondheim, Norway. The distance between these two places is about 500 miles. That might sound like a lot, but it's a lot closer than any other place in Europe or anywhere else in the world.

"Seva" decided to send a "smile" to "Tillerbygg", even though he had not yet put out his picture, on the 25th of January. "Tillerbygg" responded by sending a mingle mail where he expressed an interest in exchanging mail with Eva. A lot happened the following few days, e-mails were sent, feelings developed, prayers answered and phone calls were made.

"Seva", having a strong faith in Heavenly Father's willingness to give her guidance in her life, wanted to find out if Lars was a righteous man with whom she could share her life. The answer that she received on the 27th was a very strong and clear yes. At this point, we had not even shared a short version of our lives with each other. "Seva" didn't tell "Tillerbygg" about the answer that she had received for a few days.

It was amazing how fast our mutual feelings developed during just a few days. On Saturday, the 31st "Tillerbygg" changed his profile on LDSMingle to tell other girls that he from now on will give all his attention to one special girl. "Seva" did the same. At this point, "Seva" felt that it was time to share with "Tillerbygg" the answer she had received to her prayer. This triggered a desire
for "Tillerbygg" to find out the same. He fasted and prayed and received the same answer that "Seva" previously had received.

On Saturday the 31st, we spoke for the first time on the phone. Both of us were a little nervous, but there was no reason for that, communication went very smoothly. Since then we've spoken either on the phone or in person every day, except one.

We met for the first time the weekend of the 5th through the 7th of March. That was a fantastic weekend. We had already decided to get married, and the date was set for the 17th of March. Waiting to get to know each other better and meet several times was not an alternative to us. We already knew that this was right, and that our Heavenly Father would help us work through our
practical challenges.

Within a few months, "Tillerbygg" will be moving to Gothenburg with his 4 children to unite with "Seva" and her 3 children to make one large mormon family.


Redriver & I will be getting married soon!

Yes, thanks to LDS Singles Mingle, I was able to be connected with my Eternal Companion. Redriver and I will be getting married soon! Thank you very much for allowing us to find each other through this online dating site!


We were able to find each other!

We are in Love! "Nkcump" and "Robyn513" are
getting married! She is the most amazing woman. We are looking forward to spending eternity together. Thanks to ldsmingle we were able to find each other.
Good Luck to everyone!

Nkcump and Robyn513

Endure to the end and all will come together

Sara ,

We got married in the primary room by our bishop. We wore western wedding hats and all was cool. She and I have the best relationship. We have never fought about a thing and it's been over a year! Cool huh?? She is truly a find and treates me better than I feel I am worthy of receiving. She is truly the love of my life I have looked for. I don't question if she loves me at all. I love
her with all I am it's TRUE love in all we are and do. From how we interact, to what we share together, we are great compliments to each other. I would like to express thanks to and all the people I met and became friends with. I wish I could keep in better contact with them, all for the friendships we shared, so tell them all hi from us. So, if not for we would not have met. To all who read this,
remember--endure to the end and all will come together.


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