Success Stories: 2004

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Our Marriage is "Awesomely Great"

My wife Brenda and I are extremely grateful for your internet dating service, If it weren't for you, we would never have met. We decided to meet, so a few days prior to Christmas I took the Greyhound bus from Springerville, AZ to Parker, AZ. First of all, both of us had an instant attraction for each other the first time we met. I eventually proposed to her in December of 2003 and we set a wedding date for April 6, 2004. We love each other very, very much and our marriage has been awesomely great. Once again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Randy and Brenda Featheran

The Two Loves of My Life

My marriage is due to your site, LDS Singles Mingle. I met "juliebee" at the Newgate Mall where I worked and we had dinner and talked. Then, we went to my place and watched a video with my roommate and his girlfriend. After that we never wanted to be apart. We got married on July 18th. As a result from meeting on your website, LDS Mingle, on April 11, 2004 our daughter was born so now your website is responsible for me finding the 2 loves of my life.


Married and Doing Great!!!

"Mrcleen" and I met in the chat room on Dec 21st. We talked and talked for hours for a few days, and then we decided that we were ready to meet. He flew to UT on Christmas Eve and spent the holiday with me and my family. The connection was instant, and we knew that we would share our lives together. We decided after a couple of months that April 10th would be the big day, and we worked hard to get everything done on time. We were in separate states, and had to do all the big stuff during visits. We have been married for a few weeks now, and we are doing great! We met each other, and so many good friends on LDS Mingle, and would suggest it to anyone that is looking for good people in their lives. We were both very sad to delete our accounts, because we do have so many friends. We wish everyone the best, and want to express our thanks for providing a place for us to meet, get to know each other, and fall in love. Thank you!

Tolie and Mrcleen

What Can I Say? We Just Fell in Love

We chatted for a while and had a lot in common. We finally decided we should meet. Our schedules didn't go well together, so the first time we met was only a few hours. Then, she invited me to go to a show with her. We had fun and then we kept hanging out, not really knowing how things would work out. She had plans to go to Utah, but I kept her from doing that. Haha. We just fell in love. What can I say? We will be getting married July 16th in the San Diego temple where we have always wanted to get married. I totally recommend the LDS Mingle dating site. To those who are in question, just give it a shot! What do you have to lose? Take care!


Fell in Love Within Days!

I met "ferguson6552" on your site. He emailed me several times, but I didn't log on for a few months, but, when I did, I found his letters waiting. We fell in love in a few weeks, actually within days. We eloped on April 12th.


"I Found My New Dance Partner"

I found my husband on LDS Mingle. He is "ThanksJr" and we were married Dec 6, 2003.
I might have met him eventually, since we both attended some of the same regional LDS Singles functions, and remember being at the same Halloween party. We both like to dance and were always each busy with our own group of friends and just never crossed the room and made the connection.
A year ago last November, I was browsing the men's profiles in the region and his picture popped up. I hadn't seen him before, so I took a look. I admit I wasn't terribly attracted to his profile right off; he is not the most expressive writer, and I didn't especially like his picture, but he did have characteristics I was looking for. I didn't send him a flirt, but apparently he caught me peeking at him, so he messaged me, several times. I was out of town so it took me a week or so to respond. When I finally did, we started writing back and forth, then we went online with instant messaging and the digicams. I saw right off that his profile picture didn't represent him well at all; he was much cuter than that, and really did have an interesting personality. He asked me to meet him at the Christmas dance and then he asked if he could take me to dinner beforehand. I agreed, so we met at the restaurant. He was cute, sweet, and he brought me flowers! We enjoyed dinner, then went to the dance, and he was telling the truth when he said in his profile that he loves to dance. He is a ballroom dancer! I never had so much fun in my life!! By the end of the evening, we were both saying, "I found my new dance partner!" People there were asking us how long we had been dating because we danced like we had been together forever.
That was just the beginning. We dated for a year, long-distance, 4 hours apart, weekends only; went to alot of singles conferences together, spent alot of time together just doing ordinary, everyday living type stuff, and sometimes things have been tough, but we found we really were extremely compatible and like-minded. We have similar styles, similar values, and similar goals. He inspires me and supports me and motivates me, and sometimes he drives me nuts, but he is the most wonderful husband in the world and I look forward to growing old with him. I feel so safe with him, and more loved than I ever thought was possible. He fulfills every detail of what I said I wanted in a man. I know this sounds terribly sappy, but he is the man I prayed for.
Who would have guessed? The bottom line is, first impressions aren't always accurate; so don't skip over someone just because his or her profile doesn't grab you and knock your socks off. You might find a real jewel if you dig a little.

Thank you for providing the connection that brought us together. We will always be grateful.


Walking Through the Clouds of Life Together

"Nickerbie" and I met thru LDSMingle back in April 2003. We physically met on a "blind" date on May 2, 2003 and were married February 24, 2004. We are perfect for each other and now we are an eternal couple walking through the clouds of this life together. LDS Mingle is and always will be a blessing for us.


Never Too Late to Find the Right Person

About one year ago this weekend, I joined Mingle. I had no aspirations of meeting "Mr. Right" nor EVER getting married again. I was a professional woman, owned my own home, and was doing ok for myself in southern Florida. Then, I signed up with LDS Singles Mingle and my life changed forever. I was lucky enough to get quite a few "hits" on the website, but one wonderful person kept "rising to the top". We started writing and writing and writing and well, within two weeks, I called him (I couldn't wait any longer) and we spoke for hours. I knew he was "the one" immediately. His voice was magical.
We got engaged two months later (after many trips back and forth to each other's homes). You see, he lives in Washington State and I lived in southern Florida! Could two people be more further apart geographically yet be closer together in spirit, we wondered? We did/do feel it was the spirit that led us to each other, and kept us going as we tried to do the impossible: two "over 50-year-olds" trying to start all over again with the love of their life.
We were married December 27, 2003 (we had spoken on the phone the first time on April 29th, having started correspondence the middle of April).
We are now living happily, so very happily together in the southeast corner of Washington State. We know we have found the right mate for each other and your website, along with the spirit and the gospel has made this all possible and proved that it is never too late to find the right person for you. DON'T EVER GIVE UP! Have faith and persevere!
We just wanted to share this with you. The way we got to know each other was probably the best way, we could really get inside the other's head and appreciate their thoughts, education and ability to express themselves.
Thanks so much for making our lives so spectacular at this point, over 50 and still going strong/starting a whole new life, who would've ever guessed?

Stan and Laura Sessions

Prayers Answered

I am delighted to share the news of SUCCESS right here on LDSMingle. My forever beau (jlaf) and I met here on LDS Singles Mingle and are getting married. He is the most wonderful man, more than I dreamed of! We are both grateful to LDS Mingle for making us available to each other. We know that our prayers have been answered. Thank you so very much for the part you played in our "Success Story". May God bless you and the Mingle everyday for the joy you have brought into two people's lives.


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