Success Stories: 2004

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refreshing to get to know each other

Yes, I did find my fiance through the mingle. I think our story is unique and beautiful. We are both widowed and have children. He has 3, I have 4. We both went on the mingle to hopefully look for other people in our situation who were LDS who we could talk to and make friends with. There aren't a lot of us out there who are young, widowed, and LDS. So, I think he smiled at me first and then we started emailing. The emailing turned into phone conversations and more in depth emails, and letters, and flowers, etc. etc. You can guess the rest! We were able to connect on such a deep and intimate level through emailing and it was so refreshing to get to know each other from the inside out, instead of the other way around. We finally met each other a couple weeks ago and everything we felt was confirmed even more for both of us. He is from Pennsylvania and I am
from Oregon. That is the only difficult thing, but we are planning to marry in November and we are so excited to join our families together. We are both so grateful for this service. I'm not sure how we would have found each other otherwise. But, we are both certain that our paths were meant to cross and we owe so much of it to you. Thank you!


Thank you for bringing us together

I am so pleased to write this message and to also send my deepest thanks to this great site. On the 27th of Nov. "AWSaunders" and I were married in the Palmyra Temple for time and all Eternity. We feel so blessed to have found each other. Our love for each other grows stronger every day and so do our testimonies. We love the Gospel with all of our hearts and we know that Heavenly Father loves us dearly and answers our Prayers. Thank you for bringing us together as one. We will always be grateful for this program. Thank you again.


we would have never met if it hadn't been for LDS Mingle.

I, "SulBeck" sent "MyJoyfulSpirit" a smile on August 26th. She replied that she'd like to chat with me on August 27, and that's how it all started. On November 14, I asked her to marry me and she said yes. Actually, the first thing she said was "are you asking me to marry you?" because the question took her by surprise (she figured I was going to wait a while longer). But, she immediately said yes. We will be sealed in the Orlando Temple sometime next spring.

She lives 3 1/2 hours away, close enough that we are able to have a very good relationship, but far enough away that we would have never met if it hadn't been for LDS Mingle. Thanks!

It was a great service, but I couldn't be happier than I was the day I got to say I didn't need you any more. My "lifetime" membership only
lasted about 6 months! Thanks again.

SulBeck and MyJoyfulSpirit

We were married Oct 1st

I was talking to my friend and I told her all I wanted was a date with a guy that would treat me right. Well, I got the date and a ring. "JERFRO" smiled at me and that started up our email romance. He asked me to a Berlin concert with a whole day date by email. I thought it was about time that he call me on the phone;) So, we arranged a time to call and I sat patiently by the phone and he never did. And then the next day he had the nerve to email me and tell me that he had tried to call. Did he think he could pull that one over on me, I was right by the phone! Well, on my way home from college, I tried to call home and my phone wouldn't dial out. I contacted my cell company and found out that my phone was messed up and when I got my messages, guess who had left a message!? "Jerfro" had called, time to eat some crow! We tried again and we made a regular habit from there on, we spent at least 3 hours a day on the phone, falling in love. After a day in Park City, a night at the Berlin Concert and Dinner theater, I was hooked. He had found a huge place in my heart. But, we had one more hurdle to cross. Would our 7 kids get along? Fast forward to a camping trip in Zion. The kids got along great, better together than apart. So, when we got married we had a 11, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5 and 2 year old, and more adventures, fun and joy than anyone can dream of. He asked me to marry him in the St. George Temple. We were married Oct 1st. And, the rest is History as they say:) Always remember to smile;)


We are to be married!

We met at LDS Mingle. We've spent over 5000 minutes talking on our cell phones back and forth and have met twice. We are to be married on Dec 10th, 2004. Thank you for your help!


So good news, I am engaged now.

So good news everyone, I am engaged now. I’ve been dating from Vancouver. She is about done with school at WSU getting a BS in Natural Resources – Wildlife ecology. We met on the internet at and starting dating one-on-one soon after that. We’ve gone camping with my family, then later with her’s. We went to the zoo, the coast, hiking, cave exploring, swimming, comedy clubs, dancing, and even built a tree fort. It’s been 6 months that I’ve been dating her and I was now ready to purpose. This is how I did it:

Saturday morning, I was expected to be coming over to her house. Instead, I called her and told her to meet me down the road at a local store. When she arrived, I had her park her car, and get into mine – blindfolded. We traveled for about 40 minutes until I stopped the car. I let her take off the blindfold and look around. With a questioned look on her face she realized we were at an airport in the middle of the country. (She had no idea what to expect). We walked around till we met up with a man near one of the sheds. “You must be her. Are you ready to do some flying today?”

After an old scout master/friend introduced himself he showed us his flight club’s two airplanes. At this time she was very happy. He explained to her that we were going to fly to Mt. Hood for a good view. So we did. I got in the back seat and let her be the co-pilot. She even got to steer the plane most of the time. We flew up out of the blankets of clouds and took a look at the view. It was so beautiful! We went to Mt. Hood, then flu over the Columbia River Gorge. We even got to fly over her parent’s home. After an hour and a half flight we landed at the Evergreen airstrip in Vancouver. We said goodbye to him and walked across the street to her car. (How convenient).

She was very happy, but then I told her the excitement wasn’t over yet. We drove to Lacamas Lake where we went on our first date. After walking along the trails she found a leaf that was heart shaped. She picked it up and it said, “Here, you can have my heart.” I responded by telling her that I love her so much that I proved to her that both land and air couldn’t stop me from asking her to be my wife. I knelt down in the mud and held up a diamond ring. Of course, she was ecstatic. The nice thing was she didn’t expect it.

In the evening, to celebrate, I took her to the fanciest restaurant she has ever been to. It’s called Amadeus and is located in a restored castle right on the river. We dressed up nice and had a romantic candle-light dinner with a grand piano echoing through the floors of the restaurant. A perfect way to end a perfect day.

So there you have it. I am taken now. We have set a date to be married for Time and All Eternity in the Columbia River Gorge Temple.


when he went home,he packed up and moved out here

YES!!! I met my match on LDS Mingle. His screen
name was "cerro81". We started chatting online in July. Then, we started talking on the phone. We talked about meeting sometime, but thought it would be impossible due to the fact that I lived in California and he lived in Texas. One day he called me and said he found great airfare rates and that he would like to meet, so naturally I agreed. When we met, we really hit it off! In fact, he found a job while he was here, so when he went home,he packed up and moved out here to California! On September 15, 2004 he popped the question. We set a date and we were sealed in the Los Angeles California Temple for time and all eternity on November 20, 2004. Thank you, for having such a great site that allows LDS Singles to meet. I will send some photos in a few days!


I got this "feeling"

I want to thank you for helping me complete my life. I have been on LDSMingle for a year. I have had both good and bad experiences on here. I was actually going to give the site a rest for a bit and focus on other areas, when one night I was thumbing through the "who's online". When I saw "Mchael72", I got this "feeling" that I needed to look a little bit more into his profile. I passed it off as the room being too cold. Again, I saw his profile, this time my Heavenly Father gave me more of a proding. I smiled at him and that was the beginning of October 2004. We sent a few minglemails, when I noticed he was online. We chatted for a bit and exchanged numbers, that was Wednesday. That Saturday we stayed on the phone for 7 hours. I must admit the following nights just progessed into longer sessions. After realizing that we had something special, we arranged for him to fly down Halloween weekend. From the moment I saw "Mchael72" I knew he was the one I was going to spend all time and eternity with. We both felt like we had known each other all our lives, just as someone on here put it, "didn't have the memories." He left, we knew that we didn't want to be apart. In short, he came down this Thanksgiving and proposed. We are getting married December 23, 2004. I again want to thank LDSMingle for being the median in completing my life. I hope that you all find what you are looking for, its out there.

Thanks so much,


tell the ladies out there to keep looking.

I wish to send a success story using LDS Mingle. Yesterday, November 27, 2004, I was married in the Palmyra, New York Temple to Chef_Grammie, for time and all Eternity. She and I were both members of LDS Mingle but are now happily married. I met her on your site about a year ago and have been writing to her back and forth since then. Thank you for your service, and tell the ladies out there to keep looking. Someone is out there waiting for them if they just have the patience and keep committed to the LDS church. Thank you. AWSaunders


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