Your dating service made our meeting a true blessing from Go

I joined LDS Singles Mingle after years of online dating and not finding a real woman that is more interested in God than me. It took me less then a month to find her on the Mingle. I sent her a few smiles and winks to get her to notice what a great guy I am, but then we started talking on July 4th and on Aug. 23rd we were married.

Life is grand when you stop focusing on finding a mate and more on finding a true happiness with God. Keep in mind I'm not advocating not looking. What I am saying is once someone stops looking for the "perfect" mate, he is then blessed with the woman God has in store for all of us. Then, he finds out she is more perfect than anything he would and ever want to find on his own. I hope everyone takes this msg and learns from it. Keep it honest with God and with people and you will find yourself being blessed more than you thought it was possable.

Thank you LDSMINGLES.COM. Without you, my wife and I would still be watching and waiting for God to move in our lives. Your dating service just made our meeting a true blessing from God.

Sean and Tonia Sortors

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