We feel that LDSMingle is a quality site

I have enjoyed the LDSmingle site very much. My fiancee, who has been a member of other LDS singles dating sites, and I feel that LDSmingle is a quality site, is very well run, has good features, and we especially appreciate that the site tries to maintain an environment of
high LDS standards. I have corresponded with you previously about a few matters and I want you to know that I think you have done a great job, even though some situations might have been frustrating at times. I also want you to know that I met my fiancee on this site, "DutchessRB" (my log in name was "Fryman"). We will be married January 2, 2004 in the Salt Lake Temple. We are very happy!

Thanks for everything!

Fryman & DutchessRB

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