Thank you so much for helping me!

Greetings LDS Mingle!

I've been saving this e-mail you all sent me for this special occasion. This past Monday, November 17, 2003 I became engaged to be married. I met my special lady through your webster, LDS Singles Mingle in May or June of 2002. She was "Littleweedva" from Stafford, VA (She's 39)and I was "DaninNC" from Charlotte, NC (I'm 41). We initially just emailed each other periodically and later met for the first time in October of 2002. We began talking more around December and began dating in March of 2003.

This past weekend I made some huge white letters spelling out "Marry Me" and placed them on the roof of my house. We rented a small plane and flew around Charlotte "just to take a few pictures"! We flew over the house and that's when she saw the proposal! She just kept repeating, "Oh my gosh!" She did say yes! Thank you all so much for helping me find such a wonderful daughter of my Heavenly Father. The actual date isn't set but we're thinking about this summer!!

DaninNC & Littleweedva

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