Over 2,000 miles separated us and we knew no one in common!


Thank you for the ability to contact many other singles. My user name is "BruceR" and I met "pdl5" on LDS Singles Mingle. We will be married in August.

I guess we were typical of others on the site - both of us were looking for someone and needed a way to reach out to others. I had been on ldsmingle for a few months and met some wonderful people. They gave me some wonderful support and encouragement and became good friends.

"Pdl5" was encouraged by a friend to go on the site. She was a little reluctant so her friend sat her down and wrote most of her profile. We
started with some emails, then phone calls, and of course exchanged priesthood leaders names and numbers so we could be certain who were
talking to before we met. After all of that we did meet!!! We had some wonderful dates and set a date in August to be married in the temple.

Without your site we never would have met because over 2,000 miles separated us and we knew no one in common!!! Yet we have so much in common!!! Both of us are widowed and have a great desire to serve the Lord, our families and mankind. Now we can look forward to serving the Lord, our families and others together and we will not travel the balance of this life alone!!!

Again, thanks so much!!!

BruceR & Pd15

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