If you're not too sure this works...hang on tight!

If you're not too sure this online dating service thing really works, hang on tight. You could be in for the ride of your life! You never know who, when, where, or what the Lord is going to send your way (and quite possibly, He will send you in their direction. Even 2000 miles across the country from Las Vegas.) My beautiful mother is on LDS Singles Mingle. She ran across a fella who is a high percentage match to her, 83% to be exact. Well, he is from a small town in Georgia, where 40 years ago she once visited and was engaged to a young man who served a mission in her hometown of Moab, Utah. Come to find out, her love from years ago is in this fella's homeward (small world, isn't it?). The only real issue with this match, is he is 30 and she is 58. So, mom set us up. Making this story short and sweet, we met in the summer, and were married Dec. 6, 2003. Never would I have thought in a million years, but I opened my heart and mind to the possibilities, and the Heavens opened their windows to me. I have tuly been blessed with a love to last the eternities.


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