I thank the Lord everyday that I met her

I am a very stubborn person when it comes to relationships, but have been trying these on-line dating sites just to check it out. Well, about 5 months ago "docb751" called me. That was a fun conversation. But, we just talked online after that. Well, a little while later on a trip driving back down to Southern California after visiting my parents up north, we talked on the phone for an hour. Ever since then we have talked on the phone every night. On October 21st he flew out here and we met. Now me being so stubborn, I didn't think this would work out. When he got here it was great though. He is a super guy and I am glad he is a patient man too. Things are going wonderful and I will be seeing him again at my family's house for Christmas-they all love him too! Thanks for everything!

This is my version:

I have always been very skeptical about meeting people on the Internet, because of past BAD experiences. 5 months ago "pinkbun" was, at the time, the one who scored highest with me, in the rankings. I immediately contacted her, and we chatted once in a while, and for some reason we found each other on the chat and we chatted for over 2 hours, then I asked for her number and we spoke for even longer. Since then, she and I have been on the phone everyday. For some reason, we had huge chemistry on the phone. Then, after a while, I felt that she was worth meeting, so on Oct. 21st I flew to meet her. I was reluctant to go, at first, but she is great and I went, thinking that things weren't going to work out, but they did. I am happy that I met her (and her family) and I thank the Lord everyday that I met her, she is a wonderful woman, and I am completely crazy about her.

Updated 1/26/08:
Docb75 and I are now married. We got married a little over 3 years ago in the Oakland temple and just were blessed with our second beautiful daughter. Honestly if it was not for you all we would have never met. Even though we did have mutual friends; it would have never happened. Thank you so much. We are doing great and hopefully soon will be on to greater things in our life.
Thank you so much-
Jill (pinkbun) Berdugo

Pinkbun & Docb751

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