I have won his heart, so he has mine

Dear LDS mingle,

I want to thank to all of you that help all lds singles; especially to our Father in Heaven to let me find my soul mate on this website. I
really appreciate all the effort you make to maintain this dating site. I met "sideman" on this site. He is an amazing person--a gentle, lovely, and romantic man. He is the man of my dreams, the perfect man for me! We met for the first time in person, last Saturday, June 14 at the Seattle Temple. He proposed to me and I accepted. Now, we are getting married next month!!!! I'm so proud to have found him and to be his wife forever toward eternity. I'm sorry for those ladies, who were interested to get to know him, but now he is mine. I have won his heart so he has mine. After having two disappointments on this site, God blessed me with a wonderful man such as "sideman". There is no other one! He is a unique person. We're just following the Holy
Spirit's guidance, our commitments, and our hearts. Thanks again for all your support!
Without our Heavenly Father and this website, it couldn't be done.

Thanks with all my heart!


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