He's exactly what they describe in fairy tale stories

"Fredup" on your site and myself, "karebear_f2", met immediately after April's general conference. Him in Arizona, me in Idaho. We messaged
and e-mailed each other nonstop, then called each other nonstop. We clicked emotionally and mentally. We decided to be extremely crazy and
book a flight. I flew to Arizona on June 5th and enjoyed the most amazing weekend of my life because I finally could meet the person I
was falling in love with. Not only is he perfect, but he's exactly what they describe in fairy tale stories. His family, his home town, everything about him is more than I could ask for. He spoils me like a princess with his love and affection. He easily goes without and sacrifices items just to make me happy. We can't stand to be apart, so we've booked another flight for me to go down again in July for a week!! Even before then, I'll be seeing him again. I'm going to suffer a 14 hour car ride to attend a wedding in Show Low, AZ, giving me another reason to see him. :) Everyone in his family and mine are asking, "so- do you think he/she is the one??". He and I both have considered a lot of 'what if's'. The Mesa temple is in mind. He and I both had interesting experiences from blind dates with other LDS Mingles members we had met. But, we were persistent and honest and we met each other.
We've changed our profiles around so that people know we've found someone, yet we're still open to meeting just friends. Pictures of us
together in front of the Mesa Temple are posted on each of our profiles. You're welcome to look. I just hope that this story like many
others will be a reminder that finding a true love through the internet can be done and may sound crazy, but is completely possible. You just have to believe in it- just like a fairy tale. ;) Maybe in a few months you'll hear the happy ending to this fairy tale story. :)

Fredup & Karebear_f2

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