Success Stories: 2003

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Well worth the monthly subscription I paid for your services

Just a note to let you know that I found my perfect mate from the services that I received from LDS mingles. She is everything that I was looking for. She loves me and I love her just as much. We are going to be married on April 10th of this year. We are very happy together, and we are looking forward to growing old together. Thank you so much for offering this service to all the LDS singles that are connected with your services. It was well worth the monthly subscription that I paid for your services.

Lynn M. Ray

Prompted to get on this site

I met him through LDS Mingle!!! I was prompted to get on this site and in two weeks I was looking into the eyes of my eternal partner!


Married and living life to the fullest

We met on LDSMingle and fell in love. We are now happily married and living life to the fullest. Thanks so much for making this union possible!


We will be serving Senior Couple Missions together

"Parashont" and "Cuddles702" are getting married 28 Feb 2003. We met on LDS Single Mingle. Of all the sites I have looked at, yours provided the best profiling and the best exposure. The email dating process greatly accelerated the "get aquainted phase", so that in a month we were ready for face to face, after getting the approval of our respective bishops. It soon became apparent that "Cuddles702" and I were made and prepared for each other. We will be serving service missions. We are a senior couple. Thank you LDS Mingles.

Parashont & Cuddles702

This site really works!

They say that the best things in life don't come easy. And they are right! Sometimes you have to be patient and sometimes you have to work for them. Fortunately for us we are both lucky enough to have Heavenly Father in our lives to help us, to be there for us and to bless us. Things aren't always easy, but they sure are worth praying for. "Springer" and I met on the LDSMingle website and we have come to respect and love each other greatly, we will be sealing ourselves to each other in the Spokane Temple this summer. We are so greatful to both have been lead to your site. Without doing so we would have never met! Remember all those of you who are still single. This site really works and it is worth the time and effort to finally have that eternal companion in your life.


Brave enough to join...brave enough to let it work!

"Pman25" and I just wanted to write in and share our success story. We both joined LDS Mingle last October. We both were not sure what to expect or if we would meet anyone. Within a week of joining, "Pman25" saw my profile and sent me a message. We chatted and exchanged emails for a few weeks. Those chats led to phone calls, and those led to our first date. We've been together every day since. Chris and I were married on January 8th. We spent five beautiful days in Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon. We're so thankful that we were brave enough to join this site, and brave enough to let it work. We wish luck to everyone!

Trvlgirl and Pman25

Blessings showered down upon us

I guess the time has come for me to place my little "mark" here with LDSMingle on the success stories page. Our photo is posted above. I met "Animatr" on 16 July and a month later, we spoke on the phone for the first time. There was an instantaneous "click" there and we were on the phone for two hours. We did not speak for a week, yet we continued with e-mail and we REALLY missed hearing each other's voice. We spoke again the next weekend. Again, it was another week before we talked on the phone. It was the Labour Day long weekend where we got to "know" each other. We were on the phone ALL day for three days! And then everyday after that for hours at a time. Thank GOD for the great phone plan we had!!! LOL By the end of September, the need to meet face to face was killing us. I lived in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and he lived in Mesa, Arizona. The other side of the continent! We saved our money and I even borrowed some and on 9th October I boarded a bus for a two and a half day journey down to Arizona. The trip was to be only for two months and then we would see where we stood. But the moment we saw each other face to face, we felt like we were "home". In the first few awkward moments, I still felt like I had come "home". Later that day, we both opened up and took off where we had left off on the phone. Nothing had changed except that now we could hold each others hand and gaze into each others eyes and for real and NOT through a photograph. One month of me arriving here (to the day) Chad proposed to me. He had no ring at the time, but I of course accepted. We decided that I would not return to Ottawa and instead stay here.
We set the wedding day for 22nd December, the Yule festival of the old times. It is the significance (in times of old) of the re-birth of the sun as from that day on the days grow longer. We chose that day in significance to a "birth" of our new life! Two weeks before the wedding, Chad took me to a seculded spot on a hillside overlooking Phoenix and at sunset, he got on one knee and "re-proposed" to me with an antique engagement ring and matching wedding ring which had been passed down a few generations, from his grandmother. It is SO beautiful, the moment was SO beautiful. Then on 22nd December, we went to a mountain side overlooking Phoenix and were married outside in a traditional Celtic style. It was all SO beautiful and wonderful. The weather, which had been not so good during the morning, cleared up during the ceremony to the point where everyone had to put on sunglasses! It was like Heavenly Father was smiling down on us. After the ceremony, we went to the Mesa, Arizona temple to have our photo's done. As we were leaving the grounds, after having all that we needed to do outside done, the heavens opened up and the rain came down, which in Chinese sayings, is supposed to be good luck because it means blessings are being showered down upon you! It has all been so perfect and today Chad and I are married three weeks!!! How wonderful life is and this is ALL "thank you" to LDS Mingle.


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