Success Stories: 2003

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We have just clicked so incredibly

I met someone on LDS Mingle, we have just clicked so incredibly, I really dont want to talk to or see anyone else and see where this takes us, hopefully to the Temple. Thank you for your site!


Thank you for bringing my soulmate to me!

Last year in September 2003, I met my husband from LDS Singles Mingle, he is now in Iraq serving our country. I miss him so much and I am forever grateful to have found him on here. I never thought I would meet someone on here. My husband and I got married on March 7 and he left on April 11. He will be returning hopefully by Christmas of this year. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for bringing my soulmate to me!

Starr Clark

Two hearts have been joined

I want to thank you for this site, LDS Mingle. I'm not really sure how I even came across it. But, I can tell you that two hearts have been joined. It's most incredible and truly a gift that such a site exists. "SmilingO" and I started here. We're now planning for our wedding in the Orlando, Florida temple. We will settle in Seattle, Washington. How is it that a Florida girl and a guy from Utah found each other? My answer lies in this dating site. It would never have happened without LDS Mingle and Heavenly Father. Technology has provided a way for this to happen. I am grateful.

David doesn't remember how he found this site either. He had been a member sometime before me. He got a lot of "hits", (of course he did, just go back and look at the picture), even from women that didn't live too far from him. He said that none of them were "right." We're not even sure who made the first contact. I believe that this relationship was supposed to happen. David and I have discussed this on several occasions, because using the internet service was a first for both of us. We truly believe we are help-meets for each other. I have very strong feelings about him and the mission we will accomplish together. We believe that this is the tool that Father used to bring us together.

On a romantic note, David is strong and tall. I fit right into his shoulder. He's so romantic. There's something to be said about a man who sends you flowers and jewelry. When we're together, he holds my hand everywhere we go. A week and a half ago, we were in the Salt Lake Temple. Afterwards, we had dinner at the Roof Top Restaurant in the Joseph Smith Building. We were seated at the window directly in front of the Temple. As the sun set behind the Temple, we enjoyed a wonderful meal, romantic music, good conversation, and last but not least, a carraige ride around downtown Salt Lake City. It was "the perfect day".

I feel like you should be there for the wedding. After all, this is how David and I met!

If anyone has doubts about this site, send them to us. We'll let them know dreams absolutly do come true.


Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

"Tabby13" and I are getting married in May 2003. We are so excited. Finally the date is coming and we can discuss it. We would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our HEART! Thanks LDS Singles Mingle!

Danial & Tabby13

We wouldn't have been brought together without you

I've met someone through LDS Singles Mingle,
"Lyndava". She's very special to me and I care about her deeply. I am totally committed to her. I am deeply grateful to you all that helped make this happen. We wouldn't have been brought together without you.

DaninNC & Lyndava

She is now my wife

I am HAPPILY married. Thank you for the wonderful intro you gave to me on LDS Singles Mingle. SHE is NOW my wife!

"WARMHRT" is MY honey! Sorry, guys, she is taken!


Those love stories you think only happen in the movies

One of those love stories you think only happens in the movies! Well, she´s my brother´s ex-girlfriend. I´ll let you know if I ever write a book about this. As for now, I´m getting married next Saturday in the Ciudad Juarez Temple. I´ll be busy living my fairytale. Good luck to you all and thanks for your excellent service LDS Singles Mingle.


Canadian Chick and I will be getting married!

"Canadian Chick" and I will be getting married
in the Spring of 2004. Thank you LDS Singles Mingle for bringing us together! For details and pictures, check out her profile.

Thanks again and may God bless all of you as you search for your respective companions or help those who are honestly searching.

LonEagle76 & Canadian Chick

Thank you for providing the means by which we met!

I met a wonderful man on this site, and in
May, we will be married in the Salt Lake Temple. Thank you so much LDS Single Mingle for providing the means by which we met each other!


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