Success Stories: 2003

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Heavenly Father has a plan for us all

We LOVED your site!!! "h82bl8" and I were married last month. He is the man of my dreams. Life is truly heavenly in our home, even with our 7 kids!!! Thank you -- we would have never met without your site, LDS Singles Mingle!!! You are a wonderful gift to LDS singles.

I always felt that when I saw the man that was to be my eternal companion that I would know it. When "h82bl8" was sent to me as an ideal match I
searched his name to view his profile. I liked the photo he had on his profile but noticed that he had another one in his photo gallery. I took
one look at the second picture and the thought came to my mind “He’s the one”. I e-mailed him and told him I was impressed with his smile. He
e-mailed back and asked when I was coming to dinner! His sense of humor and love of life attracted me to him right away. We met in person 3 weeks after our first e-mail. Since then, we have had the opportunity to meet on several other occasions (though we live 600 miles apart). We have talked daily through e-mails, on-line chats and phone calls. Thank goodness for long distance plans!

Larry was not looking for anyone outside of a 100-mile radius from where he lived (let alone in another country-Canada). I had decided not to date until April 2003, as my experiences were not the greatest. Mingle provided a great way to meet new friends and added another form of social life with members of the church. The Lord knew of our prayers to find a special companion and His time line was put in motion through LDSMingle.

We just wanted to express our thanks to you for this wonderful service! I have always had faith that there would be someone out there for me that could love me as much as I was capable of loving him (and vice versa). Heavenly Father has a plan for us all. We had faith in that. Faith without works is dead. We needed to do the work and your site provided us with that ability. We are so compatable. Our lives have been richly blessed.

We plan to marry in June 2003. Thank you so very much for all that you do to provide the singles in the Church the opportunity to meet and mingle!

Thanks again for your wonderful service! This truly has been a great blessing to both of us.


Danial is the love of my life

Thank you LDS Mingle for allowing us to meet each other. "Danial" is the love of my life and we have been so happy together. We met and married within 2 months. If it wasn't for LDS Mingle we never would have had the opportunity to meet. We appreciate you and thank you.

Tabby 13 and Danial


A message to all those who long for their special someone, THIS REALLY WORKS!!!! I have met the man of my dreams on LDS Mingle, "True2U", and am now engaged to be married on July 19th in the Seattle Temple!!!

My advice is to have faith and don't ever compromise on your standards. God will bless you in his own time. This is a very well organized site and the participation is high. I'd like to thank LDS Mingle for setting the stage for me to find my true eternal companion. I am eternally grateful!!!

Susann & True2U

Wonderful man told me not ot give up

Your service is wonderful! I went into the main chat room one Sunday night and told everyone that I was giving up on the whole romance thing. The response I got restarted my want for romance. This wonderful man told me not to give up; that someone would come along. Someone did -- him. Thanks for everything LDS Singles Mingle!


You're not too old at 68!

I met a great man on LDS Mingle. We are getting married on Monday. You're not too old at 68! Thanks so much!


Love at first sight!

I met my future husband within 2 days of signing up for LDS Singles Mingle! It was love at first sight! We will be married on August 2, 2003, in the Portland, OR temple. Thank you for having this site available!


He proposed on a balcony overlooking the Arab Gulf

Hi, I just wanted to share my success story with you. I'm from Iraq/Chile, now living in the UAE, where there is a small branch of the church with no single people in it except for me & my sister. Contact with other single members is very hard. I joined LDSMingle around October of last year with no real intentions. I didn't want to get my hopes up really high because I knew that being so far away from any other member would make it hard to ever meet the person. But, I met "Singledude" from Palm Springs, California, around the 3rd of November 2002. He later on in February crossed the world just to see me and spent 10 days in the UAE- Dubai. About 40 days after he left, he was back with a ring and proposed to me on the 28th of March 2003 at 10:45 pm on a balcony over looking the Arab Gulf. We are totally in love with each other, and plan to get married in January or February. It has been the greatest blessing of our lives to have met each other being so far away. It has been one of those many miracles that the Lord blesses us with every day, and for that we are ever greatful. Thank you LDSMingle for making it possible and joining hearts, no matter how far apart they are. Thank you!


We never would have met unless we had been online

We met on LDS Mingle. I'm now a stepmom of two beautiful children and living in Colorado-although we only get the kids on the weekends. We never would have met unless we had been online!


Thanks for help navigating both of us

I just thought you would like to know that "Arizona Joe 70" and "ladynice 66" that met on LDS Singles Mingle are getting married in the Mesa
Temple on June 6th. We thank you for your help navigating both of us at one time or another!

Arizona Joe 70 & Ladynice 66

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