Success Stories: 2003

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It's been Heaven so far!

Hello! I used to be a member (lakersgrrl08) of LDS Singles Mingle, but I met the most amazing guy. We've been dating now for 6 months and I couldn't be happier. I was totally giving up on guys in general, and he was giving up on girls. I looked at his profile and noticed he served his Mission in Seattle, Washington. I am from Gig Harbor, Washington, which is only 45 min away. I was curious about him and emailed him. He wrote back saying he was visiting Washington (at this time I was going to school in Rexburg, Idaho). We then exchanged phone numbers and I gave him a call. We talked for hours, and it seemed like we knew each other forever. I drove to Idaho to meet him and it was total destiny. He was the person I have been waiting to have in my life this whole time. I am so thankful for him in my life and I couldn't be more in love. We aren't engaged or married yet. I am going to school at LDSBC in Salt Lake City, and we decided that it would be better to get married next summer. It's been heaven so far. Thanks so much LDS Singles Mingle for helping bringing us together.

Lakersgrr108 and Smeltz39

Good luck to all of you who are still searching!

Back in December, I began talking to a gentleman on LDS Singles Mingle, and although I'd never before considered traveling out of state to meet someone off the internet, something told me to take that chance with Mike. So, in February I went to meet him. Now, after months of praying and talking to each other we have decided to get married. Thank you LDS Singles Mingle for having this dating site available and for helping me to find my eternal companion and soulmate. Good luck to all of you who are still searching for "the one"!


Over 2,000 miles separated us and we knew no one in common!,

Thank you for the ability to contact many other singles. My user name is "BruceR" and I met "pdl5" on LDS Singles Mingle. We will be married in August.

I guess we were typical of others on the site - both of us were looking for someone and needed a way to reach out to others. I had been on ldsmingle for a few months and met some wonderful people. They gave me some wonderful support and encouragement and became good friends.

"Pdl5" was encouraged by a friend to go on the site. She was a little reluctant so her friend sat her down and wrote most of her profile. We
started with some emails, then phone calls, and of course exchanged priesthood leaders names and numbers so we could be certain who were
talking to before we met. After all of that we did meet!!! We had some wonderful dates and set a date in August to be married in the temple.

Without your site we never would have met because over 2,000 miles separated us and we knew no one in common!!! Yet we have so much in common!!! Both of us are widowed and have a great desire to serve the Lord, our families and mankind. Now we can look forward to serving the Lord, our families and others together and we will not travel the balance of this life alone!!!

Again, thanks so much!!!

BruceR & Pd15

Just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary

Dear LDS Singles Connection,

We just wanted to write a quick note and thank you for your efforts on behalf of LDS singles everywhere. My husband and I met back in 1994
through a friend but had lost touch of one another. Thanks to your site, my husband found me again in 1997. He saw my profile and first
name and thought I sounded just like the girl he had met (and fallen in love with) in 1994. We reconnected, dated, and were married in the
Oakland Temple in 1998. We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in March and are so very happy! Thank you for all you do!

Brent and Cindy

I have won his heart, so he has mine

Dear LDS mingle,

I want to thank to all of you that help all lds singles; especially to our Father in Heaven to let me find my soul mate on this website. I
really appreciate all the effort you make to maintain this dating site. I met "sideman" on this site. He is an amazing person--a gentle, lovely, and romantic man. He is the man of my dreams, the perfect man for me! We met for the first time in person, last Saturday, June 14 at the Seattle Temple. He proposed to me and I accepted. Now, we are getting married next month!!!! I'm so proud to have found him and to be his wife forever toward eternity. I'm sorry for those ladies, who were interested to get to know him, but now he is mine. I have won his heart so he has mine. After having two disappointments on this site, God blessed me with a wonderful man such as "sideman". There is no other one! He is a unique person. We're just following the Holy
Spirit's guidance, our commitments, and our hearts. Thanks again for all your support!
Without our Heavenly Father and this website, it couldn't be done.

Thanks with all my heart!


My life is now in the hands of "quanaquita"

I will try to keep this short---even though my love for someone that I have met on LDS Singles Mingle is so overwhelming, I will try!

On January 23, 2003, I received a Smile from her. I was stunned by her beauty, by her profile, and what she had written. Thinking that she must have pressed the wrong button to send it to me, I took the chance and sent a Smile to her.

On January 29, 2003, I received another Smile from her. I knew this was no mistake. I sent a Smile back.

Knowing that I could never talk to her this way, I began saving the money that I needed to join this site to contact her. On March 25th, 2003, I had done that and joined this site. I'm a single dad, and money is tight.

I began emailing her. I did not receive any responses - at all. I was very disappointed.

On May 30th, 2003, I saw a posted photo of such a beautiful woman, I clicked on it to read her profile. It was her. I quickly became embarrassed, thinking that she had shown me that she was not interested in me, and here I am "stalking" her. I felt very prompted to write to her and apologize for this mistake and that I was not a weirdo that wouldn't leave her alone. I told her that I just didn't recognize her photo, and to please forgive me.

She responded immediately, and told me that she had just joined the site, was now able to read my emails, and that she felt very bad for not responding to them. She told me her Instant Messenger email address and we began talking for hours and hours.

I knew that I may only get one chance to tell her what I felt about her, and so, I took the chance. I knew that I loved her from the first moment I read her profile. I told her. We talked via email, we talked via phone and finally made arrangements to meet at the Seattle Temple last Saturday, June 14, 2003.

She was as stunning as ever. Her photos did not do her justice. She was so beautiful. I then drove her home to Vancouver, B.C. and felt prompted to ask her, "What would you do if I asked you to marry me?" She replied, "What would you do if I said, Yes?" I asked her to marry me. She said yes.

We spent a very incredible weekend together, had dinner, talked,learned of one another, attended Church together, and talked of our plans.

We have decided to marry next month and begin our lives together.

I appreciate this site and know that without it, I would not have found "guanaquita". My life is now in the hands of "guanaquita" and will look no further for what I have already found.

Again, I thank you, I thank my dear Heavenly Father for His guidance, and I thank her for her overwhelming love. I couldn't be happier; although, I know I will.


He's exactly what they describe in fairy tale stories

"Fredup" on your site and myself, "karebear_f2", met immediately after April's general conference. Him in Arizona, me in Idaho. We messaged
and e-mailed each other nonstop, then called each other nonstop. We clicked emotionally and mentally. We decided to be extremely crazy and
book a flight. I flew to Arizona on June 5th and enjoyed the most amazing weekend of my life because I finally could meet the person I
was falling in love with. Not only is he perfect, but he's exactly what they describe in fairy tale stories. His family, his home town, everything about him is more than I could ask for. He spoils me like a princess with his love and affection. He easily goes without and sacrifices items just to make me happy. We can't stand to be apart, so we've booked another flight for me to go down again in July for a week!! Even before then, I'll be seeing him again. I'm going to suffer a 14 hour car ride to attend a wedding in Show Low, AZ, giving me another reason to see him. :) Everyone in his family and mine are asking, "so- do you think he/she is the one??". He and I both have considered a lot of 'what if's'. The Mesa temple is in mind. He and I both had interesting experiences from blind dates with other LDS Mingles members we had met. But, we were persistent and honest and we met each other.
We've changed our profiles around so that people know we've found someone, yet we're still open to meeting just friends. Pictures of us
together in front of the Mesa Temple are posted on each of our profiles. You're welcome to look. I just hope that this story like many
others will be a reminder that finding a true love through the internet can be done and may sound crazy, but is completely possible. You just have to believe in it- just like a fairy tale. ;) Maybe in a few months you'll hear the happy ending to this fairy tale story. :)

Fredup & Karebear_f2

This boy is off the MARKET!

Dear Sara @ LDS Mingle,

I want to thank you for all the warm and loving support you have given to me, I have fallen in love with a LDSMingle person from a while back. Our wedding will be August 15, 03 at 7pm in my, oops our back yard. This boy is off the MARKET, thank you Sara and all the staff of LDSMingle!


Best wishes to all single brothers and sisters!

Dear Sara @ LDS Mingle,

This is a letter of greatfulness. I got into the LDSMINGLE site this February and in the first week I met my soulmate. We got engaged and our relationship is wonderful. We both are dreaming to be sealed in the Temple.

Thank you so much! My best wishes to all single brothers and sisters! And my testimony that the Big Love exists, that our dreams are to be
reached, that God loves us, and everything in His church is true. There is an eternal conection between the spirits. Under God everything is possible. Just live the Gospel.

Doriana Dzhumakova

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