Success Stories: 2003

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It was LDSMINGLE that put the 2 of us together!

I was married to "vernu" in October. We would like to thank you for all of your help. It was ldsmingle that put the two of us together and we are so very happy for our new lives together.

Krisclark & Vernu

Thank you so much for helping me!

Greetings LDS Mingle!

I've been saving this e-mail you all sent me for this special occasion. This past Monday, November 17, 2003 I became engaged to be married. I met my special lady through your webster, LDS Singles Mingle in May or June of 2002. She was "Littleweedva" from Stafford, VA (She's 39)and I was "DaninNC" from Charlotte, NC (I'm 41). We initially just emailed each other periodically and later met for the first time in October of 2002. We began talking more around December and began dating in March of 2003.

This past weekend I made some huge white letters spelling out "Marry Me" and placed them on the roof of my house. We rented a small plane and flew around Charlotte "just to take a few pictures"! We flew over the house and that's when she saw the proposal! She just kept repeating, "Oh my gosh!" She did say yes! Thank you all so much for helping me find such a wonderful daughter of my Heavenly Father. The actual date isn't set but we're thinking about this summer!!

DaninNC & Littleweedva

We went from single to mingle to married!

Just thought I would let you all know I found the love of my life. It happened fast. Like out of the blue. We went from single, to mingle, to married. Life is great and we are very happy. Thanks to all of you at LDS Singles Mingle. And Bye to all the great people we have met here. Good luck finding yours.

Doug and Chelsea C.

We will be married in the St. Louis Temple

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has had anything to do with the creation of this online dating site and/or making it possible. A few months ago a certain sweet, tall man with brown hair and blue eyes caught my eye. We started talking and after a few more weeks I found this man to be kind and gentle, funny, loving and charming. I fell for him pretty hard and in my eyes I find him perfect in everyway. Now, in March we will be married in the St. Louis temple. Thank you. LDS Singles Mingle brought the two of us together, and he has made me the happiest and luckiest girl in the world. I thank you and owe you so much for that. Thanks again and good luck to all of you in life.


Perfect partner

Just a quick note to let you know that LDSMINGLE helped me meet the most amazing woman and perfect partner for me. It was so unexpected and just started as friends. As I live in Australia and she is Brazilian living in the USA, we would have never had the opportunity to meet. We are now getting married in December and just wanted to say thank you!!


I thank the Lord everyday that I met her

I am a very stubborn person when it comes to relationships, but have been trying these on-line dating sites just to check it out. Well, about 5 months ago "docb751" called me. That was a fun conversation. But, we just talked online after that. Well, a little while later on a trip driving back down to Southern California after visiting my parents up north, we talked on the phone for an hour. Ever since then we have talked on the phone every night. On October 21st he flew out here and we met. Now me being so stubborn, I didn't think this would work out. When he got here it was great though. He is a super guy and I am glad he is a patient man too. Things are going wonderful and I will be seeing him again at my family's house for Christmas-they all love him too! Thanks for everything!

This is my version:

I have always been very skeptical about meeting people on the Internet, because of past BAD experiences. 5 months ago "pinkbun" was, at the time, the one who scored highest with me, in the rankings. I immediately contacted her, and we chatted once in a while, and for some reason we found each other on the chat and we chatted for over 2 hours, then I asked for her number and we spoke for even longer. Since then, she and I have been on the phone everyday. For some reason, we had huge chemistry on the phone. Then, after a while, I felt that she was worth meeting, so on Oct. 21st I flew to meet her. I was reluctant to go, at first, but she is great and I went, thinking that things weren't going to work out, but they did. I am happy that I met her (and her family) and I thank the Lord everyday that I met her, she is a wonderful woman, and I am completely crazy about her.

Updated 1/26/08:
Docb75 and I are now married. We got married a little over 3 years ago in the Oakland temple and just were blessed with our second beautiful daughter. Honestly if it was not for you all we would have never met. Even though we did have mutual friends; it would have never happened. Thank you so much. We are doing great and hopefully soon will be on to greater things in our life.
Thank you so much-
Jill (pinkbun) Berdugo

Pinkbun & Docb751

We are truly happy & want to thank LDS Mingle

On Sept. 9th, I sent my profile on LDS Mingle to "Eagan". We talked for the first time on Sept. 16th. We got married on Nov. 7th. All of these dates were in 2003. We are truly happy and want to thank the LDS Mingle online dating service for giving us an opportunity to find each other. We also feel that were it not for our church affiliation, these things would not have happened. We love this gospel for the guidance it gives us and we feel secure in our marriage with the way of life it offers. Best wishes to all seeking happiness.

The Eastburns

I have met the man of my dreams!

I would like to thank LDSMingle for this site. I have met the man of my dreams. "Latingal2" and "Transfiguracion2002" are engaged and will be married for all time and eternity on February 14, 2004 in the Dallas, TX Temple. We thank you!

Latingal2 and Transfiguracion2002

Your dating service made our meeting a true blessing from Go

I joined LDS Singles Mingle after years of online dating and not finding a real woman that is more interested in God than me. It took me less then a month to find her on the Mingle. I sent her a few smiles and winks to get her to notice what a great guy I am, but then we started talking on July 4th and on Aug. 23rd we were married.

Life is grand when you stop focusing on finding a mate and more on finding a true happiness with God. Keep in mind I'm not advocating not looking. What I am saying is once someone stops looking for the "perfect" mate, he is then blessed with the woman God has in store for all of us. Then, he finds out she is more perfect than anything he would and ever want to find on his own. I hope everyone takes this msg and learns from it. Keep it honest with God and with people and you will find yourself being blessed more than you thought it was possable.

Thank you LDSMINGLES.COM. Without you, my wife and I would still be watching and waiting for God to move in our lives. Your dating service just made our meeting a true blessing from God.

Sean and Tonia Sortors

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