Success Stories: 2003

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If you're not too sure this works...hang on tight!

If you're not too sure this online dating service thing really works, hang on tight. You could be in for the ride of your life! You never know who, when, where, or what the Lord is going to send your way (and quite possibly, He will send you in their direction. Even 2000 miles across the country from Las Vegas.) My beautiful mother is on LDS Singles Mingle. She ran across a fella who is a high percentage match to her, 83% to be exact. Well, he is from a small town in Georgia, where 40 years ago she once visited and was engaged to a young man who served a mission in her hometown of Moab, Utah. Come to find out, her love from years ago is in this fella's homeward (small world, isn't it?). The only real issue with this match, is he is 30 and she is 58. So, mom set us up. Making this story short and sweet, we met in the summer, and were married Dec. 6, 2003. Never would I have thought in a million years, but I opened my heart and mind to the possibilities, and the Heavens opened their windows to me. I have tuly been blessed with a love to last the eternities.


We feel that LDSMingle is a quality site

I have enjoyed the LDSmingle site very much. My fiancee, who has been a member of other LDS singles dating sites, and I feel that LDSmingle is a quality site, is very well run, has good features, and we especially appreciate that the site tries to maintain an environment of
high LDS standards. I have corresponded with you previously about a few matters and I want you to know that I think you have done a great job, even though some situations might have been frustrating at times. I also want you to know that I met my fiancee on this site, "DutchessRB" (my log in name was "Fryman"). We will be married January 2, 2004 in the Salt Lake Temple. We are very happy!

Thanks for everything!

Fryman & DutchessRB

Sealed in Houston Temple

Hello there. I have met a really wonderful guy from your site. We were sealed in the Houston Temple on Dec. 8th, 2001. I won't be needing your site any longer. But, I have recommended it to others! I too met the love of my life.
"bluebubblegum" and "john4truthLDS"

bluebubblegum and john4truthLDS

I had no intentions of meeting my future husband!

Hey there!! It would be impractical not to write and let you know how LDS Singles Mingle changed my life. It's really funny because I don't think that meeting on the Internet is really the best thing in the world. It's certainly not the safest, but I knew that this site would be great because the people on here have good morals and values. Anyway, I was really just trying the site out, I had no intentions on meeting anyone special let alone my future husband. I met "SethMiller504" through chatting with him. We went out for a few weeks. We will be getting engaged this weekend. We will be getting married in the Bountiful Temple in May. I am so glad that I was able to have a free membership and try it out and actually end up meeting the man of my dreams!!! Thanks for having a good online dating site for good people to meet.

Tally21 & SethMiller504

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Hi. Thought that I would take the time to write and let you know that on Monday, November 26th, at 5:00pm mst, "terriel" and I were married. I know I speak for both of us when I state that we will miss our friends that we have met and developed through "LDSMingle." We both wish to take this time to thank you. So...Thank You.

**UPDATED May 4th, 2007**
Though it's been five (5) years since I was a member of LDS Mingle, I am pleased to let all our friends (at those still with the site) know that Terrie and I are doing wonderful, and have been married this amount of time as well. I was living in Texas, and she was here in Laramie, Wyoming when we met in May of 2001. I flew up for that Thanksgiving, and when we met at Denver's D.I.A. airport, we both knew instantly that I was staying. We now have a wonderful grandson who is 3 years old and lives with us. Strange thing is; Terrie was not looking for a relationship, and did not want one, but after sometime she felt compelled by the spirit to search our friendship further. We both want to thank LDS Mingle so very much, and justed wanted to let you know that we are doing GREAT!!! :)

Laramie, Wyoming

DavidL and TerrieL

Thank you for providing a site with such high standards

"Trinamatrina" and I, "aminerforaheartofgold", married yesterday, Dec. 6, 2003. We are waiting on our paperwork from Salt Lake. We will then go to the Portland Temple to be sealed. Thank you, LDS Singles Mingle, for providing such a wonderful online dating site, with such high standards and so many special brothers & sisters.

Thank you again!

Trinamatrina & Aminerforaheartofgold

Feel that it is a blessing to have met on this site!

I, "sandy7580" and "KristopherS" are grateful to Lds Singles Mingle. If it was not for this online dating site we would have never met. Kris and I plan on getting married sometime in June 2004. We still have not set a date yet. We really feel that it is a blessing to have met each other on
this site. Especially because joining an online dating website was not too high on our list. When we joined the site we did not expect anything to come of it. Then, Kris and I met and we hit it off. The first time we talked on the phone we talked for about 8 hrs. Then he asked me out on a date. When we went out on our first date I fell head over heels for him. "KristopherS" is such a "HOTTIE." I had never felt the way that I feel for him. He is my one and only true love. Just the thought of him and I being together forever brings a big smile to my face:). I am so happy to say that I have found the pure love of Christ in Kris. He is truely the MOST AMAZING guy on earth. Our love for each other is beautiful, and he will always be here for me and I for him. I cannot imagine spending eternity without him by my side.

Thank you Lds Singles Mingle!!!

Sandy7580 & KristopherS

We were destined to be much more than friends

Well, I guess it's time to add to the LDS Singles Mingle Success Wall of fame. Being on this site off and on for a little over a year, I've made some great and interesting friends, one's I wouldn't have met otherwise. But, the best thing to come out of this whole experience is meeting the true love of my life. It all started with a corny smile after seeing his photo come up in the gallery. I remember seeing him and thinking, "wow this is my dream guy!!!!" After conversations both on here and on the phone we decided to meet, it just felt that right, and now "Colocowboy" and I are head over heels in love and enjoying every minute of it!! We initially met just to get to know each other and see where it might lead, but in the end we came to find out that we were destined to be much more than friends, but partners in life and all it may bring. If it wasn't for LDS Mingle we never would have met and what a waste that would have been!! So, we're overcoming 2000 miles and two different countries, but we know it will all be worth it to be able to have each other forever. So, from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank your online dating service for giving us the opportunity to find each other and our happiness!!!! Here's a picture of us for your " Wall Of Fame" and trust us we'll be sure to send you pictures of our babies too.

Colocowboy & Graceleigh

I've waited 33 yrs. to finally find the love of my life!

We've been meaning to send our story in for a while! In June 2003, I met "Nitrodean" on the LDSMingle. It started out with chit chat about normal life stuff: IM and email. Then, we spoke on the phone. In late July, things started heating up a bit (as much as they can in this unique way of getting to know someone), and a face to face meeting was inevitable. We knew before we met in person that we loved each other, and the face to face only sealed the deal. I've waited 33 years to find the love of my life, so I wasted no time and suggested that we elope to Vegas. We did, and it was a WONDERFUL day! Three months into marriage, we're very, very happy! I hate cliches, but it was all about the timing! We'd like to thank LDS Singles Mingle for bringing us together! Sometimes we stop, pause, and start laughing and say, "I can't believe we met online!" Well, we did! It's been an awesome ride, and we thank your online dating service for helping faciltate our meeting. We look forward to a lifetime of great times!

WendyD & Nitrodean

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