We are beginning OUR journey together

I have truly enjoyed meeting people here, and I believe this site is a great place for people to meet. I have met my fiance, "olivier", on this site. We started out with just smiles, and then an email back and forth and then daily. Eventually, we exchanged numbers, and began talking. We started as friends, and in such a short time, we knew where this was leading and where we both wanted it to go. Just a couple weeks ago, "olivier" came here to Oregon from Mass, to meet me, my family, and friends. Everyone fell in love with him and they are so happy that we are beginning OUR journey together. I am now traveling to Mass. to meet his family, start my new life out there, and be with him always next week. We'll be back in Oregon for our wedding March 8th. Thank you so much for this dating site, and helping to bring "olivier" and I together.


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