Registered in many "dating" sites before--success this time!

Yes, I am getting married in the Seattle Temple on June 29th to a wonderful man that I met through LDSMingle. He saw my profile and messaged me through Encounters. I have registered in many "dating" sites over the past 4-5 years. No success. LDS Single Mingle has been the best for me, and I did write to a couple of people that were definitely interesting and interested in me. I only paid for a one month subscription, but I had browsed around and had my profile posted for months before I finally broke down and paid for a membership. This new method of meeting others who are likewise seeking a companion is wonderful. I am 61 and my husband to be is 57. This site works well for us busy mature folks who know exactly what we want but just don't always have the time and energy to go about it in the traditional way. Of course once I met my husband to be in person, we reverted to the old fashioned dating patterns. We keep in touch over Encounters during the day and send numerous emails and make gobs of phone calls to each other throughout our busy days.

Nora Nell Holm

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