Success Stories: 2002

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From Norway & USA--getting married!

I met "big_country" here on the 26th of Aug. 2002. I have moved from Norway to Texas and we are getting married. The blessings I got before I met him describes him to an inch. Can you believe it, I am from Norway, and he is from the USA and now we are getting married. I love him with all my heart. Thank you for everything Ldsmingle. I love this church and can't wait to get sealed in the St. George temple.

Jason and Linda

Thank heavens for the internet!

I am now married to the most wonderful man in the world and the great thing is that he thinks he is married to the most wonderful woman in the world. Thank heavens for the internet!!


I checked out who was checking me out

My new husband and I would like to thank you for the services of We met on your site on August 25,2002. My screen name was "Iriss45" and my husband was "EMARALDSTAR". He had checked out my profile and was as curious as I was, I checked out who was checking me out. I noticed that he was a recent (baptized on May 25,2002) convert to the church and I decided to send him a mingle mail and welcome him to the church. He answered me back and said if I wanted to keep in touch I could email him at AOL. I put him on my buddy list and when I saw that he was online, I im'd him and that was the beginning. A lot of prayers were answered for me right away. I had prayed to Heavenly Father that He reveal to me right away if I had found the one companion that He had intended for me because I had made so many mistakes in the past. He and I chatted for a long time on that Sunday night in August. By the next night after we had chatted for quite awhile he asked me if I trusted him enough to give him my phone number and I instinctively did. We talked for such a long time, I can't remember how long. The next morning I think, I called him to tell him good morning. By Wednesday night when we were talking on the phone, we were talking about him coming here to NY where I live to visit. He told me that if he came out here for a visit, he would not plan to go back, (he lived in Sacramento, California) he would ask me to marry him. I told him that if he ever did ask me to marry him, my answer would be yes. Three days later he left California and got here on Monday night, just one week after we met online. I just knew it was the right thing for us. Heavenly Father gave me so many affirmations that we were meant to be together. Actually, he never did get around to asking me to marry him, we just always knew that we would. We got married on Saturday, September 7, 2002 at the Sacred Grove in Palmyra. It wasn't quite 2 weeks after we met online, but it is the most wonderful kind of love that I have ever experienced in my life. He is the most caring, loving man I have ever known. We plan to be sealed in the Palmyra Temple sometime in June of 2003. It is the third civil marriage for both of us, but the first marriage to another LDS person, so in the eternal sense, it is the first temple marriage for the both of us. We are so much in love with each other, we do know that there will be many challenges to face, but we will do it together. I have 9 children and almost all of my older children are all inactive, and have more or less disowned me because I married someone off the internet, and married him so soon. They just don't understand the way the Holy Ghost works or Heavenly Father and they don't know what I know. Well, thank you again for the services that you give. I will miss some of the friends that I made on LDS mingle but I am not sorry that I do not need your services anymore and my husband shares my feelings.

Emaraldstar & Iriss45

Joined never expecting anything to come of it

"Hammon" and I got married Aug 30th of '02. I joined never expecting anything to come of this except meeting others and having fun. What a blessing this has been, thank you so much. I love your site and the chat room especially. That's how we met. Unbelievable. Prayers really are answered, not always when we think they should be of course!! Thanks again LDS Single Mingle.

DeeAnne & Hammon

Went looking for friends and found more

I went into this thing looking for friends and found the person I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with as well as a new best friend. Thank you LDS Single Mingle.


Connection was nearly instantaneous

Thanks a lot for your service, LDS Singles Mingle. I don't have a firm wedding date set yet, nor are we officially engaged yet, but the rings are bought, the plans are being made, and we're very happy. We met on the mingle back in March, and the connection was nearly instantaneous, and has only gotten better for the past 5 months. Once again, thanks for the service. It was an answer to a prayer for both of us.

Fireman and Sweetsami

Our first 3 dates we met in the Columbia Temple

I met Dave through LDSMmingle. We are getting married August 31st, 2002 in the Orlando, Florida Temple. Our first three dates, we met in the Columbia Temple. Thank you!


We are in love

I am seeing someone whom is absolutely wonderful. We are in love. Hopefully, soon I will be able to say that I am getting married. Thanks for your service. I'm very grateful to LDS Mingle!


She has turned my world upside down & completes me!

I met the most incredible girl in the world here at this very website, LDSMingle. She has turned my world upside down and completes me in every aspect. I am especially appreciative of this website for being a means by which myself and my soon to be wife could meet and fall in love. The Mingle is a wonderful program and I'm sure it will continue to bring others together. Thank You!


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