Success Stories: 2002

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Happy to formally announce our engagement!

We are so happy to formally announce our engagement to our friends at LDSmingle!!! Heavenly Father has blessed our lives and given us the opportunity to share eternity with each other. We are so thankful for this site and the special way it has touched our lives. We will never forget the friends that we have made here and hope to stay in touch. Our relationship has overcome trials and adversity but has held strong through true love and commitment, and by the grace of our Heavenly Father. We are planning to marry in the Salt Lake Temple in April. We will be living in Provo, Utah and are planning a reception for our friends, so of course, everyone is invited! Our thoughts and prayers will always be with our brothers and sisters of the gospel. Please take care and know that dreams do come true! We have what we have always wanted, each other. We will send our engagement pictures soon to post on the site, and as our family grows, we will also send pics of our beautiful babies!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Stephanie and Jose

Brought us more blessings than we can count!

I have already closed my account at LDS Single Mingle, but I did want you to know that I did meet my future spouse on your website. My user name was "Jam" and his user name was "Aaaristaker" and we are going to be married shortly, in fact by the end of the year. We really appreciate your service, it was a great help to both of us and has brought us more blessings that we can count. Keep up the good work!


Not even 2500 miles can keep us apart!

I just wanted to thank you so much for this remarkable ldssingles web site. I, "Rebeldiana" and "NewCenturian" were married Dec 7, 2002. We met in early Nov. on LDS singles mingle. After several e-mails, and messages, we spoke on the phone. It was really incredible! We both felt as if we had met the person of our dreams! Heavenly Father certainly was there guiding us along. I have 6 children, he has 4. We lived 2500 miles apart, but realized nothing could keep us apart. Michael proposed to me in the cactus garden at the Mesa Temple, and of course I accepted. He is so romantic and so in tune with the spirit. We recently were married and are so incredibly happy I sometimes cannot believe it. We will be sealed in the Palmyra temple shortly. We can't wait!
Thank you so much!

Rebeldiana and NewCenturian

Able to meet a number of very fine and interesting friends!

Thank you very much for your help with LDSMingle. Through the LDSMingle site I have been able to meet a number of very fine and interesting friends to correspond with. One of which I have met with personally in her home and she in mine. We have met each of the others children and have had them all meet each other. We plan on being sealed in the Los Angeles Temple in June. Thank you again for a very organized and well run program.


It amazes me how wonderful this type of site works

Thanks for your site, LDS Singles Mingle. I have found the most wonderful man. His user man was "CTRguy", mine was "Dora"! We corresponded for a while and got to know each other and built a friendship. He asked if he could call me, I gave him my number. Our first date was on July 27th, 2002. There has been very few days apart for us since then. We will be married and my son will be sealed to us on November 30, 2002. It amazes me how wonderful this type of site works. We only lived 40 miles away from each other, but may have never found each other with out your help! Thanks for my eternal family!

Dora and CTRguy

We are beginning OUR journey together

I have truly enjoyed meeting people here, and I believe this site is a great place for people to meet. I have met my fiance, "olivier", on this site. We started out with just smiles, and then an email back and forth and then daily. Eventually, we exchanged numbers, and began talking. We started as friends, and in such a short time, we knew where this was leading and where we both wanted it to go. Just a couple weeks ago, "olivier" came here to Oregon from Mass, to meet me, my family, and friends. Everyone fell in love with him and they are so happy that we are beginning OUR journey together. I am now traveling to Mass. to meet his family, start my new life out there, and be with him always next week. We'll be back in Oregon for our wedding March 8th. Thank you so much for this dating site, and helping to bring "olivier" and I together.


Our profiles crossed on the internet

Our profiles crossed on the internet within a few minutes of each other. We both replied immediately and from then on it was regular [several times daily.] I sent her my phone number and she called. We talked for three hours! From then on, our phone bills were astronomical! I met her in Salt Lake City on the 4th of October. For our first date we went to the Salt Lake Temple. Then, on Friday and Saturday we attended Conference and spent the evenings enjoying each others company. Then, she came to my area and we spent the better part of a week getting better acquainted. I will be flying to San Antonio on the 20th where we will be dating until we are married in the Salt Lake Temple on the 4th of December. We are excited and want you to know how grateful we are to ldsmingle for its part in getting us together. Thank you so much.

Jay and Carole

2 people from the same family have met someone here

I'm so glad that I found LDS Singles Mingle. Because I took the time to sign up and send my picture in, I meet the person that I'm going to marry. Back sometime ago a person by the screen name "maribella" sent me a simple smile through my mingle mail. Since that time we have come to the point that we are to be married. I have found the one and only for me. My mother was the one who first told me about this site, she had met the man she is married to now on this site. I think that it is so neat that two people from the same family have met someone though the mingle sight. Thank you for everything.

Summertileco and Maribella

LDS dating dreams can still be delivered!

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate LDSsingles Mingle. I met the love of my life, "jerryjohn", on your site. We are to be sealed October 12. Thank you for having this site available. We would never have met without it.

Sunlight & jerryjohn

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